How to Delete Your Netflix History

Deleting your viewing history on Netflix is simple. Just follow these two simple steps, screenshots included!

If you’ve watched some weird or cheesy movies or TV shows on Netflix and don’t want your spouse or other family members to see them, you can delete the history of what you’ve viewed.

Maybe you secretly had a fondness for the Tanner’s as a kid, and binged watched the Full House reboot Fuller House, and don’t want people knowing you viewed it. Whatever the reason is, getting rid of your history is easy.

Delete Netflix History

  1. Log into the Netflix site and go to Account > Viewing activity located in the My Profile section.viewing activity
  2. Click the X next to the show(s) you want to hide.

delte and remove

It also gives you the option to remove an entire series, which is much easier if you don’t want to delete each episode of a show individually.

That’s it! There are a couple of benefits to this. First, there won’t be any traces of what you have been watching in the “Recently Viewed” section, and second, the show shouldn’t (mileage will vary with this, though) affect the suggestion algorithm that Netflix uses and pop up similar shows on the main menu.

Keep in mind that it can take up to 24 hours for the viewing activity to be removed from all of your devices. Also, remember that if you added something to your watch list, you need to remove it from there as well.

remove from list



  1. Cochiese_1

    I dont’t think your history is removed from the server – only your local machine profile. ???

    • Steve Krause

      That’s a great question. Would need to dig through the terms of service. But my guess is yes – it’s probably removed from the list but not your backend profile.

  2. Kim Nielsen

    Its not possible to do this on kids accounts, why not ? I can’t even see my daughters viewing history. If I login to her account the option is simply not there

    • Tracy Graham

      Did you ever find out why on the kids account you can’t see what has been watched? I’m running into the same problem. Anyone have an answer?

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