How To Delete Your Account

If you’re no longer using online accounts, you should empty them and delete them. This groovyPost demonstrates how to thoroughly delete your Account.

delete your account

Being that I rarely use my account, today, I decided to delete the account fully. Although has a delete account feature, I will demonstrate a more thorough account deleting process to ensure all data is removed from the service.

Let’s start by removing all accounts registered with the Mint service.

Click Accounts

click accounts

Click Delete under each account.

click delete - delete mint account


Confirm you want to Delete the account.

type delete - delete mint account

Once it’s gone, it’s gone… Be sure you want to do this before clicking delete!

Once all your accounts have been deleted from your profile, will be reset as if you have a new account.

mint appears like a new account

Let’s finish the process by going under the Profile tab and deleting all devices and the overall account.

Click Profile

click profile - delete

Scroll to the bottom of the first page and click Deactivate for each of your mobile devices/tablets.

deativate all devices - delete account

In the final step, click Delete Your Mint Account and then click YES, delete my Mint Account.

delete int account link - delete account

Enter your PW and click Finish to complete the account deletion.

confirm delete with password - delete account

You should get a popup once you complete the process, confirming your account has been deleted, and an email will be sent shortly to confirm.

mind account deletion completed

In the digital age, you must keep track of accounts you’ve created and delete the ones you’re no longer using, especially financial accounts and services like I’ve also learned that it can be very effective to remove data from your accounts over the years before you delete them just in case the service or company doesn’t actually delete your account as you’ve requested.



  1. Vadim

    Anyone who would give a web site their banking info is crazy.

    Congrats on coming to your senses Steve. ;)

  2. Megan

    Did Mint “actually” delete your account and stop charging you when you did this? I deleted my account with them online after following the steps outlined on their help page and received an email confirming that my account had been cancelled, yet they have continued to charge me every month for the service. I filled out a contact form on their website about the issue but never heard anything so I called customer service and was told that there is no way to delete an account online. I directed customer service to the link ( where the instructions are STILL posted on how to delete an account online, but the best answer I could get was that I *might* get a refund depending on what the billing department says.

  3. Eric

    These guys are the worst. Thanks so much for your page so I could delete my account.
    Ever effort before, through support, emails etc (over many months) has done nothing.

  4. Mariann

    Thank you for easy steps to delete my information and account

  5. Debbie

    Thanks for the expert, accurate, totally useful instructions about deleting my brand new Mint Account. Immediately after signing up, and before entering any financial data, I regretted the decision, and your instructions were concise and totally accurate. Key point I would add is to delete from a desktop or other computer, not the mobile device (or at least address that issue; I didn’t know if it would work from the iPhone, so I used my desktop) thanks again ~

  6. Dawn

    THANK YOU! I am glad I’m outta there!! Thank you for your very concise and correct steps!

  7. GG

    Thank you, this was very helpful

  8. Greg

    I did not have an option to delete my account. I am using the free version. Is it different?

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