How To Set your Default Notebook in Evernote

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As more and more applications integrate with Evernote, it’s important to have the correct Notebook set as the default to ensure messages and notes end up in the correct one.

First, open Evernote and Right-Click on a notebook you want to set as your default.  From the context menu, Click Properties.

Check the box Make this my Default Notebook and Click OK to save.



  1. Cori

    Great tip – Thanks!

  2. CoolRaoul

    The check box is greyed on some notebooks
    Don’t know why!

    • Steve Krause

      @CoolRaoul:disqus That is odd. You need to figure out what is different about those notebooks. Are they empty? Shared? New? Old?

      Create a few new notebooks and see if you have a problem.

      • CoolRaoul

        It seem that only *shared* (synchronized) notebooks can be set as “default”.
        Not possible for local notebooks.
        Don’t understand why

  3. Nicole

    How can you set up the default on an ipad?

  4. FM

    Same problem for me. How can i set a default notebook when i only own iphone and ipad?
    Teree does not seem to be this option neither in the apps nor in the web-app…
    Any help appreciated…

  5. Clint

    This is not longer applicable… ‘Properties’ panel does not contain [_]Make This My Default

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