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Free Microsoft E-Book Offers First Look Office 2010 [groovyDeals]

Groovy Microsoft Office Articles, News, Tips, Tricks, Questions, Reviwes, Downloads, Answers, and CommunityAfter the beta launch of Microsoft Office 2010, we’ve been covering many of the new features available through a series of articles here on groovyPost.   Microsoft has just released a free e-book written by Katherine Murray which covers much of the new content available in Office 2010.  The book is 14 chapters and 202 pages in length, so it’s a long read with a lot of technical jargon, but it can be very educational.





According to the Microsoft Press, this free download will only be available for a short time, and then it will become a paid download; after that, you’ll need an MSDN account to get it.

First Look Office 2010 covers a broad range of features available in the new 2010 edition of office.


If you’re still deciding whether or not to download it, here is a quick preview of the table of contents.

1  Welcome to Offce 2010
2  Express Yourself Effectively and Effciently
3  Collaborate in the Offce and Around the World
4  Create and Share Compelling Documents with Word 2010
5  Create Smart Data Insights with Excel 2010
6  Manage Rich Communications with Outlook 2010
7  Produce Dynamic Presentations with PowerPoint 2010
8  Organize, Store, and Share Ideas with OneNote 2010
9  Collaborate Effectively with SharePoint Workspace 2010
10  Create Effective Marketing Materials with Publisher 2010
11  Make Sense of Your Data with Access 2010
12  Next Steps with Offce 2010: Putting It All Together
13  Security in Offce 2010
14  Training Made Easy


Overall it’s a helpful groovy read, and the price is right!  Here’s where to download it.


Microsoft Free E-book Offer Has Something For Everyone

Alternative Download Link #1 Alternative Download Link #2

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