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How to Customize the Office 2013 Quick Access Toolbar

Its always a good idea to add commonly used commands to the Quick Access toolbar in Office to save time and be more productive. You’re not just limited to the basic actions listed by default like Save, Undo or Quick Print. Here’s how to really customize it with virtually any commands that are available in Office 2013 programs.

Show Quick Access Toolbar Below Ribbon

First off, you can make the Quick Access Toolbar display below the Ribbon. I find this makes it even easier to access my commands when working in a document or spreadsheet.

Much better. Now it’s time to customize it with any available commands in the Office Program.

Customize Office 2013 Quick Access Toolbar

Note: For this part of the article, I’m using Word 2013 but the procedure is same for all of the programs in the suite.

Open Word 2013, click on File to open the backdrop menu and go to Options.

Customize Word Quick Access Toolbar

When the Word Options window comes up, click Quick Access Toolbar.

From the Chose Commands dropdown menu, click All Commands to see the complete list of everything that’s available.

Scroll through the list and find the ones you want — There’s a lot! Just double click on the command you want to add and click OK. The new command will pop into the field on the right under Customize Quick Access Toolbar.

In the right panel, you can change the order of where the commands appear on Quick Access by moving them up or down.

After adding the command you want, it allows you to export it as a backup so that you can restore it later or on another computer.

Customize Word Quick Access Toolbar 4

There you go! You can add as many or as few as you need to help you get your TPS reports done faster for the boss.

This makes it much easier to get to the command actions that you need, versus searching through a bunch of menu items. One of the first things I customize in Excel is adding the Calculator to Quick Access.

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