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How To Customize OneNote 2010 Password Security Settings

Yesterday I explained how to encrypt specific OneNote 2010 Notebook Sections using the Password feature. Today I’ll review how to customize those settings so you can tune it to better match how you work.

Start by Clicking File, Options.
onenote file -> options

Click Advanced.
onenote advanced tab

Scroll down to the Passwords Section to review the settings available:
OneNote Security Options / preferences

  1. Most of the settings in the Passwords section are personal preference. The first check box allows you to configure how long OneNote should wait to lock the section after you’ve stopped working in it. The default is 10 minutes however you can configure it all the way up to 1 day.
  2. The send check box is for the most security conscious. Check it if you want to lock the section as soon as you navigate to another notebook section.
  3. By default, add-in programs can access password protected sections once they are unlocked. Again, if you’re working with sensitive personal or customer data you might want to disable this default setting.

Once you’ve made your customizations, Click the OK button to save them and your DONE!
Click OK to save OneNote Security Settings

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