Monitor the Status of a Website with CurrentlyDown

There are a number of services that show whether a site is down for you only or in general. If you need additional information, CurrentlyDown provides it.

There are a number of services that show whether a site is down or not (we’ve even covered one), but what if you want some more data about the site and learn about how often it goes down and more? CurrentlyDown is a service that offers that and a bit more.


As you would expect, you can easily check out whether a website is down or not. Just type its name into the box on the top left side of the CurrentlyDown homepage.

CurrentlyDown main

You’ll get your result instantly.

CurrentlyDown groovy

However, that’s not everything the service can do. The right side of the main page has sections which show Notable Outages and sites which have been Recently Down.

CurrentlyDown notable

The idea is that the service monitors the most important websites and keeps a history of their downtimes. That way, you can have a good overview of popular websites’ behavior. Clicking any of the sites in the list will provide you with more detailed information.

First of all, you get the website’s availability history, as well as additional info on the outage, if there’s any available.

CurrentlyDown history

There’s also a Tracking history section, which tells you how the site’s been behaving since the service has started monitoring it, as well as a Status History for the respective website.

CurrentlyDown tracking history

The service also offers a list of popular websites, together with their last outage and outage times, which you can find here.

All in all, CurrentlyDown is a good idea which, if properly extended, could become even more useful.

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