How To Create Xbox Music Playlists on Xbox 360

Microsoft’s new revamped music service — Xbox Music — is rolling out to Xbox 360 owners. Here’s how to create music or video playlists on your console.

Today the new revamped music service from Microsoft called Xbox Music is rolling out to Xbox 360 owners. If you purchase an Xbox Music Pass you get unlimited music streaming from over 30 million songs. The pass includes unlimited access to tens of thousands of music videos as well. To keep it all organized it helps to create playlists. Here’s a look at how to do it on the gaming console.

Create Xbox Music Playlists

Launch Xbox Music app from the new Xbox Dashboard.

Xbox Music iCon

Now go to My Music >> New Playlist.

Create Playlist

Next type in a name for the Playlist you’re creating.

Playlist Name

After you name it, you’re brought to all of your Playlists, here you can see I’ve already created a few. The tile for your new one will be empty until you add songs or videos to it.


Now you can go back and browse through the Music Store to find music to add to the playlist.

Browse Xbox Music

When you find something you want to add, select Add to Playlist. Like in this example I want to add an entire album to my new playlist.

Add Songs to Playlist

Go into the album, and you can add individual songs to a playlist.

Xbox Music Songs

Then select the playlist you want to add the tracks to.


You can also create video playlists or mix videos with music tracks.

Xbox Music Playlists

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