How to Create, Update, or Remove a Resume From LinkedIn

how to create update or remove a resume from linkedin

Job hunters need a great way to let potential employers know your qualifications. Your LinkedIn profile can quickly and easily become a fantastic resume.

In today’s digitized world, a conventional resume might sound like a relic of bygone days. LinkedIn, an avant-garde platform, has emerged as an indispensable networking tool for professionals around the globe. LinkedIn also provides an excellent means to create, update, or even remove your resume when the job hunt begins or ends.

Why should you take advantage of this capability, you ask? First and foremost, visibility is paramount. In our interconnected world, potential employers and collaborators constantly seek prodigious talents. LinkedIn is their go-to lighthouse, illuminating the skills and experiences of individuals just like you. With a LinkedIn resume, you’re not merely inscribing your accomplishments; you’re broadcasting them to an audience of millions.

Let’s explore how to create, update, or remove a resume from LinkedIn.

Turning Your LinkedIn Profile Into Your Updated CV or Resume

If you’re serious about the professional networking potential offered by LinkedIn, you’re already updating your profile as you take on new roles and responsibilities. You’ve likely supplied your profile with all of your educational accomplishments, too.

This makes crafting your resume quick and simple, often allowing you to have your initial draft complete in minutes. Even better, it doesn’t require giving a third-party resume builder access to your LinkedIn profile.

How to Create a Resume From Your LinkedIn Profile

  1. From your LinkedIn page, click the Jobs tab to get started.
    Jobs tab - Resume Builder in LinkedIn
  2. Next, click Resume Builder.
  3. You can upload your current resume as either a Word document or PDF. If you want to create your resume from your LinkedIn profile, though, just click Create from profile.
    Create Resume from Profile
  4. Enter the desired job title you’re creating the resume for.
    Enter Desired Job Title
  5. LinkedIn’s resume builder quickly pulls in your work and education history, skills, and other information from your profile.
  6. Click Preview > Download as PDF or the Download as PDF button to download your resume.

That’s all there is to it. You may, however, need to tweak some sections of the resume. So, let’s look into that.

How to Update or Edit Your LinkedIn Resume

Once you’ve got your resume open on LinkedIn, you’ll see just how easy it is to customize it to your exact needs.

  1. To change any section in your resume, just click the blue pencil icon next to that section.
    Update LinkedIn Resume
  2. Each section will offer custom fields to help you quickly update your resume. For example, the contact information section includes fields for your name, location, email address, phone number, and website address. There’s also a checkbox to include a link to your LinkedIn profile.
    Resume Edit Contact Info
  3. Similarly, the Summary and Experience portions provide input boxes tailored to that type of information. LinkedIn’s resume builder also offers tips to help make your resume as strong as it can be.

After you’ve finished creating or updating your resume, you should check the Resume insights sidebar for other tips. This will offer you details on what keywords are already there and what you should consider adding.

From Job Hunting to Career Building: When It’s Time to Delete the Resume

LinkedIn allows all sorts of interactions, from engaging in intellectual discussions within specialized groups to absorbing the latest industry white papers. Thus, a resume here isn’t a static document; it’s a dynamic profile that evolves, reflecting both your professional trajectory and the very spirit, or essence of your industry.

There could come a time, of course, when you need to delete a resume. Perhaps you’ve found a position that perfectly suits you, or maybe it’s time to begin a new career path. Sure, LinkedIn allows you to store multiple resumes, but you still might wish to delete one you don’t plan on using again. Once again, this is an easy task.

How to Remove Your Resume From LinkedIn

  1. From the first Resume Builder dialog, which prompts you to choose a resume, click the three dots menu of the resume you want to delete.
    Delete Resume
  2. The next dialog asks you to confirm you want to delete the resume. If you’re certain, click Delete.
    Confirm Delete

Use Your Professional Networking Tool to Market Yourself

Personal branding is no longer an arcane concept reserved for marketing mavericks. It’s become imperative. Your LinkedIn resume aids in sculpting your brand, providing a curated snapshot of your professional persona. It’s like your personal billboard on the digital highway of opportunities.

Crafting your resume on LinkedIn isn’t just about job hunting. It’s about planting your flag in the digital realm, laying claim to your expertise, and establishing connections that propel you forward. Maybe it’s time you carved out your own niche in this vast professional cosmos.

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