How to Create a Rules Channel on Discord

How to Create a Rules Channel on Discord

If you’ve created a Discord server, you probably want to make sure you create a rules channel. Here’s how.

So, you’ve decided to create your own little kingdom on Discord, huh? Well, every kingdom needs its laws unless you want it to turn into a digital Wild West! Enter the mighty Rules Channel — your magic wand to keep chaos at bay. Think of it as your friendly neighborhood rulebook that gently whispers, “Please don’t turn our lovely chat into a pumpkin!” Let’s explore how you can instill some order in your Discord kingdom by creating a rules channel.

Who Can Craft the Magic Wand of a Rules Channel on Discord?

Not just any Tom, Dick, or Harry can create and wave this wand. Only the high and mighty — that’s you, oh great channel owner and your trusted circle of admins — get to conjure these rules. Why? Because with great power comes great responsibility (and the exclusive right to tell people to behave or get out).

So, don your virtual sheriff badge, round up your admin posse, and lay down the law. This way, you keep your server as organized as a line for free coffee and manage those Wild West outlaws (AKA users with a knack for mischief). Just think of yourself as the sheriff in the bustling town of Discordville!

How to Create Your Rules Channel from Your Computer

The easiest way to create a rules channel on Discord is from a computer. Here’s how.

  1. Select your Discord server, and click the + (plus) sign beside Text Channels.
    New channel
  2. Type in a channel name, like rules (Imagine that!), and click Create Channel.
    Click Create Channel
  3. Discord creates the channel and takes you to it. Next, click Edit Channel.
    Edit channel
  4. From the channel settings page, click Permissions.
    Click Permissions
  5. Now it’s time to set up how normal users can view and interact with the rules channel. Make sure to select the green checkmark for View Channel and Read Message History.
  6. For every other permission, toggle the red X to disable that permission for general members.
  7. Once done, click Save Changes and either click the X or press the Escape key.
    Save Changes to Create Rules Channel on Discord

Compose the Rules for Your Cyber Village to Live By

Next, you should type in the rules you want your denizens to adhere to. You can look around at what other Discord servers use for inspiration or just make up your own.

It’s usually a good idea to keep rules to a minimum since nobody likes being micromanaged. But hey, you’re the ruler of this little cyber village, so do what you think is best for your community.

For readability, input the rules in a list. It doesn’t matter if it’s a numbered or bulleted list. That said, if you use a bulleted list, you can use your favorite emoji for the bullet points. If you really want to get fancy, you might use a special font for your rules.

Next, you’ll want to pin the rules to the chat. After you’ve sent the message with your rules, click the three-dots icon in the top right of the message and click Pin Message.

Pin Message

Finally, you’ll get a confirmation about pinning your message. Just click Oh yeah. Pin it, and you’re good to go.

Pin It

Wait a Minute, Why Can’t I Create My Rules Channel from My Mobile Device?

Maybe you don’t have a computer running Discord, but you still want to create your rules channel. Don’t worry; you can do this from your iPhone or Android device, too.

  1. In the Discord app on your mobile device, go to the channels tab and tap the three-dots icon in the top right.
    Tap 3-dots icon
  2. Tap Create Channel.
    Tap Create Channel
  3. Type in a name for your channel and tap Create.
    Name channel
  4. Next, tap the channel you just created, then Edit channel.
    Tap edit channel
  5. Just to keep things neat and tidy, you may want to set the Category to Text Channels. Next, tap Channel Permissions.
    Channel permissions
  6. On the Permissions screen, tap Advanced View > @everyone.
  7. Set the permissions as described above.

Once done, you can type in your rules and pin the message for perpetuity.

Keeping Order in the Realm

Discord is your cozy, super-secure clubhouse where you can natter away to your heart’s content without a care in the world. And within this clubhouse, there’s a special room called the “Rules Channel.” Think of it as the “Please don’t feed the trolls” sign at the entrance. It’s where the magic spells (AKA rules) are inscribed to keep the peace and ensure everyone plays nice in the sandbox.

Now, setting up your own “Rules Channel” is as easy as pie —a pie that comes with a step-by-step recipe even your cat could follow (if it cared enough about your digital social life, that is). Just follow the breadcrumbs (AKA the instructions above), and voilà, you’ll have crafted the perfect digital spell book to keep the chaos at bay. Welcome to the world of organized, rule-abiding chaos!

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