Create Ringtones from Music Files on Your Android Smartphone

Ringtones are an essential part of customizing your Android smartphone. Here’s how to easily create them directly on your phone while on the go with a free app.

Ringtones are an essential part of the customization process of a smartphone, turning it into a more personal device. Here’s how to easily create them straight on your Android smartphone.

Create Ringtones on Android with Ringtone Maker

There are various apps to create custom ringtones on your Android device, but the one I recommend is Ringtone Maker. It’s one of the oldest (and best) such apps on the Google Play Store. You can get it here (or search for it on your smartphone).

install ringtone maker

You can create a ringtone from a variety of audio file types — MP3, WAV, AAC/MP4 and 3GPP/AMR. Before you do that, though, make sure that the file you want to create the ringtone from is on your smartphone. You can do so by connecting the smartphone to your computer and copying it to its memory card. I’ve copied mine to the Music file on the card, but the app will find it if it’s somewhere else, too.

sd card music

Now launch Ringtone Maker, and browse to the music file you want to use. If you don’t see the file, click the menu button on the top right side of the screen and then Refresh.

ringtone maker main

Oddly enough, clicking the file won’t take you to the options, it will play the song. Clicking the green button on the right of the song’s name will show you the options. To make a ringtone from the audio file, click Edit.

Ringtone maker options

Then you’ll get a very easy to use waveform of your song, which allows you to zoom in and out. The two sliders can be used to decide where the ringtone starts and where it ends. Hitting Play will allow you to preview your masterpiece.

Ringtone maker create tone

Also, the menu button on the top right side has a Fade and Volume option (pretty self-explanatory).

Ringtone maker fade volume

Once you’re done fiddling around with the track and you’re happy with the result, click the Save icon at the top of the app screen. You’ll get a list of options for saving the file – as a ringtone, as music, as a notification, or as an alarm.

Ringtone Maker options save as

You can also use the main menu. Tap Edit to go and create the ringtone for more Advanced options. You’ll notice that more options are available once you’ve created a ringtone.

Ringtone Maker advance

That same menu allows you to make the ringtone the default one or to Assign it to a contact. Ringtone Maker is a great way to create custom ringtones from your music and audio file while on the go. If you want to make ringtones on your PC, check out our article on how to make free custom ringtones with Audacity.

Also, if you have an iPhone, check out how to make custom ringtones with iTunes.

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