How To Create A Free, Printable Photo Calendar

You can buy calendars everywhere, but what if you want one with your own photos and dates. Here’s how to create a personalized calendar, completely free.

You can buy calendars everywhere, but calendars you can find in stores don’t include your own photos and important dates. Here’s how to create a fully personalized calendar, completely free.

Free Printable Calendar

Pically is a free, cross-platform software, which allows you to do just that – create your own printable, personalized calendars, of which you can then print copies for your family, friends and whoever else you want. The only things you’ll need — apart from the software itself — is Java installed, paper and some ink in your printer cartridge.

Start by downloading Pically to a place you can easily find on your computer’s hard drive. It’s a small download, a little bigger than 5MB. I’ve scanned the file with Virus Total and it’s clean, in case you’re worried about that.

Before you start it, don’t forget to create a folder for it, as it will save some files of its own and you wouldn’t want them all over your desktop.

Then, just start the software. The interface is straight-forward and easy to use. Start by selecting the year you want to create a calendar for, at the bottom of the window. That’s also where you decide whether you want weeks to start with Monday.

Pically main

The top part is where you select the picture you want to use for each month. To do so, click Select Picture and browse until you find the image you want. You don’t need to know the name of the file, as a thumbnail will be shown on the right side of the screen.

Pically select pics

When you’re finished, you’ll see the picture for each month, so you can have an overview of your future calendar.

Pically selected pics

The bottom part of the screen can be used to add events and holidays to your calendar. That way, you’ll never forget birthdays again.

To do that, just select your Event Type, Day and Month, add a text and click the Add Event button.

Pically events

You can also import an iCal file, if you have important dates saved in a file.

When you’re done with the adding of events and images, just click the Generate button and give your calendar file a name.

Pically generate

Once your calendar is ready, a window will pop up to inform you.

Pically generate done

You can then open the PDF file and print out your calendar. Each month will be on one sheet of paper, so your calendar can be stapled together. Or you can pierce two holes in it and pin it on a wall with a piece of string. Of course, you can print as many copies as you like. You can also make a donation to the creator of the software, if you like.


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