How to Create Fake Siri Conversations Online

This Friday I found a fun way to fake out your friends. It’s a site that lets you create fake Siri conversations. After creating the fake conversation you can share it with your friends via email or social networks.

Fake Siri Convo

First, go to the iFakeSiri website and select the carrier you want to show on your screenshot.

Select Carrier

Enter the conversation in the same format as shown on screen and click on Create Your Siri Conversation. Type in anything you want – have fun with it.

Enter Conversation
Next you can download the the screenshot of the fake conversation. It also provides tools to share it via email and social networks.

Share on Siri convo

That’s it. Have fun with this one. Freak out your friends and laugh at them as they spent hours trying to get Siri to give them the same results.

Fake Siri Shot

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1 Comment

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