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Facebook Adds Interests Lists: Here’s How to Create and Use Them

Facebook has finally decided to do something about the disaster each of our news feeds have become. Actually, I kind of like the mess and all the unfiltered information coming in, but there might a few of you who need to be more organized. So if that’s you, read on and take a look at the change Facebook just made as it will allow you to better organize pages you like as well as your friends’ feeds.

facebook lists

I think the real Facebook clutter comes from all the pages you like. If you’re like me, you have tons of artists and brand pages you like, so you get tons of news from them, and then, when you don’t visit Facebook for a few hours, you could miss an important announcement.

Well, this new feature will definitely help you in this area.

To start, go to a page you want to add to your first list. You can do this via Facebook search or just head over to the groovyPost page at

At the top of the page, Click the LIKE button if you havn’t done so yet. If you have already liked the page, just hover over the Liked button and click New List…

facebook pages list new list

Facebook will take you to a page where you can select additional pages to the one you just selected. Select any additional Pages or Friends and click Next.

facebook lists create list

Name your list and choose if it should be public or shared with your other friends. Click Done to create that list.

facebook interests lists name

All done – Your new list will now be available on your toolbar on the left under Interests.

my groovy list

What is nice is the next time you want to add a site to a list, you can easily add it to a list you’ve already created.

The more I play with the Facebook Lists feature the more I like it. It feels a lot like Google Plus Circles and I personally think that’s a good thing. Get in, get the updates I need and get out and Facebook Lists helps me do just that.

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2 Responses to Facebook Adds Interests Lists: Here’s How to Create and Use Them

  1. Guido March 12, 2012 at 1:33 am #

    This is a classic tech article. I am not sure exactly what the problem is, nor am I quite sure just what the solution does for me!

  2. fanni October 26, 2012 at 3:27 pm #

    okey but… i like pages only i’m interested in… so i can’t see what’s the problem is?
    so why do i need to categorize them … it’s unnecessary and boring
    we all know how “successful” G+ is with all these circles and so on… 🙂

    is something more will happen or change because of this functionality?

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