Create Custom Podcast Stations With Apple’s Updated Podcasts App

Apple updated its Podcasts app, and while it removed the annoying Skeuomorphic animations. The update also added the ability to create custom stations and episode playlists.

Recently Apple updated its Podcasts app, and while it removed the annoying Skeuomorphic Reel to Reel animation, it also received some new functionality. Most notably is the ability to create custom stations that update shows automatically, and On-The-Go playlists for individual episodes.

Create Custom Podcast Stations

Install or update the Podcasts app to the latest version if you haven’t already. Launch it and tap My Stations at the bottom. The next screen will give you an overview of what My Stations is.  Tap Get Started.

My StationsGet Started

The next screen will have a few default stations. To make your own, tap the New Station button, then type in a name for the new station you’re creating.

New StationName New Station

Now select the Podcast(s)you want to add to the station. Then on the next screen you can download all shows, or go into Settings. I like to go into Settings first so all episodes don’t download at once to my device.

Select Show for StationDownload All or Settings

In Settings you can configure the Play Order, Episodes, Media Type, and more.

Station SettingsAdvanced Settings

Just follow the same steps to continue creating your own stations. Here I made a station of Tech podcasts. If you want to remove a podcast from your station, just tap Edit and the show you want to delete.

Tech StationDelete a Show

Podcast Episode Playlists On-The-Go

This allows you to create a list just for the episodes you add to it. This drills down your existing stations and add only the episodes you want to listen to.

From your list of My Stations, tap On-The-Go. Then tap the Add button on the top.

on the goAdd to on the go

Now you go through the list of your stations and select the individual episodes you want to add to the playlist.

Choose ShowSelect individual episode

Then tap the Download All button for shows that aren’t already downloaded. This allows you to listen to them if you’re offline, which is extremely helpful for WiFi only devices.

Download AllMy Custom Stations

That’s it. Now you have your own custom stations of podcasts, and individual episodes to listen to while you’re on the go. I’ve been moving away from Apple and iOS devices, but I have to admit that the improvements to the Podcasts app are nice. I guess I’ll keep my iPod touch around at least.

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