Cord Cutting: Avoid Subscription Fatigue

There are a lot of different streaming services out there and you might already be feeling subscription fatigue. Here’s how to get control over it all.

These days there is a wealth of cord-cutting subscription services to choose from. You have Netflix, Peacock, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney Plus, and many more to choose from. With so many different services available it can become overwhelming. Having different shows on each service doesn’t help the situation either. Here’s how to limit the amount of money spent on your subscriptions and avoid subscription fatigue.

Avoid Subscription Fatigue by Cancelling Everything

Already feeling the fatigue? Do you have more services that you are subscribed to than you even watch? If you’re already feeling the pinch it’s a good idea to go through and cancel everything. Yup. Everything.

Then, depending on what you want to watch go ahead and subscribe to the service that carries your show. That service and that service only. For example, if you want to watch The Mandalorian you subscribe to Disney Plus. Then if you want to watch Stranger Things you would subscribe to Netflix. Want to catch up on Star Trek: Discovery, order CBS All Access, and so on.

Subscribing to services on a per-show basis allows you to focus on what you want to watch and narrows down your subscriptions.

Cancel When Done

To stay on top of things more you can cancel your subscription to a service after you’ve watched or binged your favorite programs. Maybe you’ve caught up to the most recent season of Star Trek: Discovery and don’t need the service until the next season starts. Then you can resubscribe when it’s time for the new season of the show. There’s no reason to continue paying for a subscription if you’re not watching anything else on it.

Also, having to resubscribe to a service based on just one or two shows will give you pause. Is the content so important to watch that it warrants a full subscription? It can be cheaper, in the long run, to just rent a movie or buy an episode or season of a show. Unless you want to watch the full MCU then it makes sense to get a subscription to Disney Plus for $6.99 for the month.

If you have a busy family with each person wanting to watch something different, it can be hard to avoid several subscriptions. Still, if you cancel everything you can get a better grasp on the services you need based on the number of requests. And even still you will want to stay on top of which services you’re subscribed to. If no one is watching a service, then it’s time to cancel until you need it again.

Know Which Service You Need

You might end up subscribing to a bunch of different services because you don’t know which one carries the content you want to watch. If you’re unsure where your show is airing use the free service There you just plug in the movie or show you want to watch and it tells you which streaming service it’s available on. There is also a JustWatch app for your phone.


Cord Cutting Power

By taking a proactive approach to your subscriptions it allows you to avoid subscription fatigue and save money over time. The beauty of cord cutting is it allows you to watch what you want when you want. It’s not hard to cancel a service. And it doesn’t take that much to resubscribe to a service when you need it.

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