Windows Phone 8: How To Copy and Paste Text

The ability to copy and paste text differs among mobile devices. Copying and pasting text on a Windows Phone 8 smartphone couldn’t be easier.

Copying and pasting text on a Windows Phone 8 smartphone couldn’t be easier. Here’s how to do it.

WP 8 Switch to task

First open the document, website or whatever you want to copy text from. I went with an article here on groovyPost.

Click where the text starts and then “pull” the markers until you’ve highlighted everything you need. Click the Copy symbol that appears.

Windows Phone 8 copy text

Now, go to the document where you want the text pasted. I opened a new Word document. Tap the Paste symbol located on the left above the keyboard.

Windows Phone 8 paste button in document

Voila! Your text has been pasted.

Windows Phone 8 text pasted


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