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How to Copy Items To Clipboard From Command Prompt

In Windows, you can’t copy items from the Command Prompt by default. But there’s a Quick Edit option in settings that allows you to highlight and copy command prompt items to clipboard. Here’s how.

Open Command Prompt, right click on the title bar and select Properties.

Command Prompt Copy 1

Alternatively, you can search for Command Prompt from Start Menu and go to its Properties from the shortcut icon.

Command Prompt Copy 3

Under Options tab, check the box that says Quick Edit Mode and click Ok.

Command Prompt Copy 2

Now when you’re working in the Command Prompt, highlight what you need to copy and press Ctrl + C on your keyboard. It will copy the path and you can paste it anywhere you want.

Command Prompt Copy 4

At any point, if you want to disable quick edit mode, simple go to Properties and uncheck Quick Edit Mode.


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  1. Bogdan Bele December 7, 2012 at 4:07 am #

    Good one man! Could be quite useful.

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