How to Connect Your iPhone to Windows 11

Windows 11 now allows you to connect your iPhone via the Phone Link app. This guide explains how to set it up.

Microsoft finally lets users connect their iPhones to Windows 11 via the Phone Link app. The feature has been around since Windows 10 but is only compatible with Android devices.

The previous version allows the connection of your iPhone but only allows you to share webpages from iPhone to Windows. Now, with the new updated version of the Phone Link app on Windows 11, you can send and receive texts via iMessage and make phone calls from the desktop. The integration works via Bluetooth to link your devices wirelessly.

It’s a straightforward process to connect your iPhone to Windows 11 using Phone Link. Follow the steps below to get started.

How to Connect Your iPhone to Windows 11 with the Phone Link App

To get started, you will need to pair your iPhone and Windows 11 through Bluetooth to enable the Phone Link app’s functionality. Once you have it set up, you can send and receive messages and make and receive calls from your desktop.

To connect your iPhone with Windows 11:

  1. Press the Windows key to launch the Start menu.
  2. Type Phone Link and choose the top result under the Best match section of the menu.Connect Your iPhone to Windows 11
  3. When the Phone Link app launches, allow it to update if applicable.
  4. Select the iPhone button when the Phone Link app launches.
    Note: If the iPhone button is grayed out, launch the Microsoft Store and update the Phone Link app from Library > Get updates.Connect Your iPhone to Windows 11
  5. Scan the QR code on the screen to install the Link to Windows companion app on your iPhone.
  6. Open the app to continue the pairing process.
  7. Confirm the one-time pairing code on your phone and PC.Connect Your iPhone to Windows 11
  8. Note the instructions on the following screen to configure permissions on your iPhone’s Bluetooth settings.
  9. Turning on the Share Notifications and Share System Notifications settings are required to get messages and notifications from your iPhone to the Phone Link app on your PC’s desktop.Connect Your iPhone to Windows 11
  10. After you pair your devices and set the necessary settings, you can message and call your iPhone contacts from the desktop.Connect Your iPhone to Windows 11

iPhone and Phone Link Limitations

Microsoft has been updating the Phone Link app on Windows with Android compatibility for years. Currently, the iPhone integration doesn’t provide as many features as Android. For example, you can use Android apps on your Phone via the Phone Link app, but there’s no iPhone app support in the app.

There are other glaring omissions to keep in mind, however, as the solution isn’t as seamless as we’d like. For example, you can’t send photos or other images, which seems odd since there is support in Windows 11 for iCloud Photos and the Photos app. It also doesn’t support group chats, and it doesn’t display conversation history. Phone Link will only display messages sent or received from the app.

When you close the Phone Link app or restart Windows 11, it wipes your chat history. So, you’ll need to refer to your phone if you don’t recall specific conversations that you need to follow up with.

While rudimentary, it’s a good start for iPhone and Windows users to do basic texting and making phone calls. The calling feature works as you’d expect when using a mic or headset or another setup when you make calls from your PC.

Using Mobile Devices with Windows 11

Using your phone and other mobile devices with your PC comes in handy in several scenarios. And texting or calling from your iPhone via your Windows desktop is helpful.

There are other ways to use mobile devices on Windows 11 to share files and more. For example, learn how to connect Android to Windows 11 with the Phone Link app. Or check out how to enable Dynamic Lock to secure your computer when you walk away from it.

Devices with Bluetooth connectivity are always important for printers and other peripherals, and you can manage Bluetooth devices on Windows 11. Also, if you can’t find your phone in the Bluetooth devices list, change the Bluetooth name on your iPhone. And if you need to share data, you can share files via Bluetooth on Windows.

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