How to Connect AirPods to a Chromebook

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AirPods aren’t just great for using with your iPhone. They work with other devices, too. Learn how to connect AirPods to Chromebook here.

Apple likes to keep its ecosystem closely guarded—it doesn’t make it easy to pair Apple products with non-Apple devices. You can’t pair an Apple Watch with an Android phone, for example. That’s why it’s refreshing to discover that you can use your Apple AirPods with a wide range of non-Apple devices.

You can pair AirPods with Android phones, Windows PCs, and even with a Chromebook. If you like the idea of using AirPods with Google’s low-cost alternative to a traditional laptop,  here’s how to connect AirPods to a Chromebook.

Do AirPods Work With a Chromebook?

The short answer is yes and no. If you want to listen to the audio from your Chromebook through wireless headphones, then you can use your AirPods.

Some of the features of AirPods won’t work with your Chromebook. You won’t be able to activate Siri from your AirPods, for example. You also can’t use the double-tap feature that allows you to control playback by tapping your AirPods. Automatic ear detection doesn’t work with a Chromebook, either.

If you just want to use your AirPods as a good-quality pair of wireless headphones, however, then it’s easy to do so by connecting them using Bluetooth.

How to Enable Bluetooth on Chromebook

In order to connect AirPods to Chromebook, you’ll need to enable Bluetooth on both devices.

To enable Bluetooth on Chromebook:

  1. Click the Network icon in the lower right-hand corner of your Chromebook screen.
    chromebook network
  2. Check the Bluetooth icon. If it’s blue, Bluetooth is already turned on.
    chromebook bluetooth on
  3. If the Bluetooth icon is gray, click the icon to turn it on.
    chromebook bluetooth off
  4. Your Chromebook is now ready to pair with your AirPods.

How to Connect AirPods to Your Chromebook

Now that your Chromebook has Bluetooth turned on, you’re ready to connect your AirPods.

To connect your AirPods to your Chromebook:

  1. Click the Network icon in the bottom-right of your Chromebook screen.
    chromebook network
  2. Click the small arrow next to Bluetooth.
    chromebook bluetooth menu
  3. To start pairing, click Pair New Device.
    chromebook add new device
  4. Your Chromebook will search for nearby Bluetooth devices.
  5. Place your AirPods inside the case and open the lid. If your AirPods don’t show up on your Chromebook, press and hold the button on the back of your AirPods case until the light flashes white.
    airpods connect button
  6. When you see your AirPods appear on the list of Available Devices on your Chromebook, click on them.
    chromebook add airpods
  7. You should receive a message that your AirPods have connected. You’ll see them listed as connected under the Bluetooth icon.
    chromebook connected airpods
  8. Your Chromebook audio should now play through your AirPods.

How to Disconnect Your AirPods from Your Chromebook

If you decide that you don’t want to use your AirPods with your Chromebook anymore, you can disconnect them completely. This will stop your AirPods from connecting to your Chromebook when you don’t want them to.

To disconnect your AirPods from your Chromebook:

  1. Click on the Network icon in the bottom-right corner of your Chromebook.
    chromebook network
  2. Select the small arrow next to Bluetooth.
    chromebook bluetooth menu
  3. In the top-right of the Bluetooth window, click the Settings icon.
    chromebook settings
  4. Click the small arrow icon next to your AirPods under Currently Connected.
    chromebook device menu
  5. Select Forget to remove them completely. Clicking Disconnect will turn off the connection, but the AirPods will still be remembered on your Chromebook.
    chromebook forget airpods
  6. If you want to connect them again at any point, follow the steps in the section above.

Using AirPods with a Chromebook

Once you know how to connect AirPods to Chromebook, you can get even more use from your AirPods. You may not be able to use all of the same features that you’d see with an iPhone, but you can still get great quality sound with AirPods on a Chromebook without the need for wires.

Have other devices with Bluetooth connectivity? You can use them with your AirPods, too. For example, you can easily connect your AirPods to your Mac (it’s an Apple device, after all).

It’s also possible to connect your AirPods to your Windows 11 PC. You can even connect your AirPods to Android devices, using third-party apps to give you some of the features that iPhone users take for granted.

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