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How to Configure on Android

If you’ve registered an email account with Microsoft’s revamped email service, or if you’ve renamed your account from, you might want to add it to your Android device.  Here’s how add it to an Android smartphone.

Outlook Android

From the Choose a Mail Provider menu, select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

Outlook Android 1

Enter your username and password in the field provided and tap Next. Do note that automatic configuration might not work on every Android smartphone model.

Outlook Android 2

If it doesn’t work, it will redirect you to manual configuration window or you can just tap Manual Setup. Enter your email address, username, password and server. Leave the domain field empty. Make sure to add in the username as well. In case of server address, type or whichever works for you. Tap Next when you are done. Then your account will be authenticated.

Outlook Android 4

After authenticating, it will show you synchronize options. You can sync your Mail, Calendars and Contacts on your phone. You can also configure the update schedule, the time after which the app will check for new messages.

Outlook Android 5

And you are done. Just give the account a name and tap Finish Setup. If you’re an early adopter, here’s hw to set up your address in Windows 8 Mail.

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