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Microsoft Outlook Tip: Quickly Delete Email with a Single Mouse Click

I receive hundreds of emails a day, many of which just need to be deleted. Here’s a quick trick I’ve discovered which allows me to quickly delete the junk mail from my Outlook inbox with a single mouse click.

Note: For this tip to work, you will need a mouse which allows you to customize its buttons. Any Microsoft mouse will do however in my example, I’m using the Microsoft Arc Mouse. The reason I like these devices is they are obviously compatible with Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center which,  unknown to many people have great features these days around customizing what each of the various buttons do.

Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center

So, step 1 if you have a Microsoft Mouse, download the latest version of Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard. Be sure to grab the right version (32-bit vs. 64-bit). If you’re not sure, read this article to find out what version of Windows you’re running.

download microsoft mouse and keyboard center

Once you download and install it, launch it by doing a simple search for the mouse and keyboard center.

search for and launch microsoft mouse and keyboard center

Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center is great in that it allows you to customize each mouse button with a default setting and another setting, if desired, for each application. I don’t want to mess with the Wheel button’s default setting (Instant Viewer), so let’s configure it for Outlook.

Click App-specific settings

create app specific setting for microsoft mouse

Click Add New and select Microsoft Outlook

add new config to mouse button in Outlook add new config to mouse button in Outlook 2

Now scroll down and click Delete.

set wheel button to delete

There’s no OK or Save button. Once you configure it, you’re done.

Although I reviewed the process for Microsoft devices, the process is very similar for Logitech and other Mouse manufacturers. So if you need help, just let me know in the comments or our Forum.

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