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Configure Apple OS X Lion’s Software Update Feature

Recently I was showing a friend how to pin the Windows Update icon to their taskbar. That got me thinking about updates on my Mac and adjusting the OS X Lion Software Update. Here’s a look at how to tweak your Mac’s Software Update settings to your liking.

First, from the menu bar, click the Apple icon then System Preferences.

apple menu

Next click Software updates from the System Preferences screen.

system preferences

On the next screen Scheduled Check will be selected by default. Here’s where to set the frequency to check for updates. You can select between Daily, Weekly or Monthly. Check whether to download updates automatically or not. If you uncheck Download Updates Automatically, the system still will automatically check for updates. It will notify you if there are any available, then you’ll need to download them first before installing. If you want to save time, I recommend checking this box.

And you can click Check Now to see if any updates are currently available.


Now click Installed Software. This shows you a list of all of the software that has been updated by Software Update. This is a reference list only. There are no settings to configure.

After you’re done configuring Software Update, click the padlock icon to prevent any further changes.

Installed Software Lock

That’s all there is to it! You can go back in and make adjustments later if needed.

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