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How to Clear Outlook 2013 AutoComplete

Auto Complete is a feature that goes all the way back to Outlook 2003. This feature automatically suggests email address when you start typing on the To or CC fields. If you want to clear or disable this feature for any reason, it’s even easier in Outlook 2013.

Clear out Individual Entries

Start composing a new email. In the to field start typing in an email address and you’ll see any autocomplete emails that match in a tool-tip. Click the Delete (X) icon to permanently remove the autocomplete entry.

clear individual autocomplete entries by clicking the x

Clear All AutoComplete Entries

Outlook 2013 lets you nuke all of your AutoComplete entries at once. To clear them out, you’ll have to first click the File menu.

file menu in office 2013

From the File menu click the Options button.

options button in outlook 2013

In Options, click the Mail tab and then browse down to the Send Messages section. Click the Empty Auto-Complete List button.

mail > send messages > auto-complete list

A confirmation box will appear, click Yes. The entire AutoComplete cache will be completely erased.

empty autocomplete confirmation

Disable AutoComplete

If you don’t want to use AutoComplete at all, uncheck the Use Auto-Complete List to Suggest Names When Typing in the To, Cc and Bcc Lines box. It is located to the left of the Empty Auto-Complete List button.

Disable Autocomplete in Outlook 2013

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