Reset All App Default File Associations for Android 4.2+

Change Android App Associations

Looking for a quick way to reset all of your default actions for your Android apps? It only takes a few taps on the screen, and it doesn’t require a factory reset.

Earlier we talked about how to clear app action-file associations one app at a time for Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean). This time around we’ll show you how to clear all of them from your phone in one fell swoop. However, unlike before – this bulk settings reset has a few side affects, and those will be mentioned in the last step. Let’s get started.

There are two common ways to access System settings. The quickest way is if your device has a menu button, just press it while on the home screen, and then tap System Settings. The other way to load settings it to open the Settings app from the app drawer.

In the settings menu tap the Apps button.


Now the device should be displaying the apps list. From here tap the menu button again and then select “Reset app preferences.”

The reset app preferences button will appear, just tap Reset apps. This will:

  • Reset any disabled apps
  • Reset app notification settings
  • Reset all default application preferences
  • Reset background data restrictions for apps

The change will happen in the background, and it should be done instantly.


Now all of your default app file associations will be reset and you can select new ones when you an execute an action that could possibly open in multiple apps.


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