How to Enable the Weather on CyanogenMod’s New Chronos Widget

CyanogenMod 10.1 for Android introduced a new clock widget and app called Chronos. It’s possible to make it display weather information too, but the settings aren’t easy to find.

In the latest version of CyanogenMod running Android 4.2.1, the development team added a new time widget to the mix. By default, this widget is viewable from the lock screen, but it can also be added to the home screen. However, the weather information isn’t automatically attached the widget and has to be added from a manual setting.

There’s two things to note about weather in the Chronos time widget. The first is that you won’t be able to view weather unless you’re viewing a half-screen size version of the widget. This thing has to be a height of at least 3 rows before it will show you the weather, width doesn’t matter as much as it will scale down. The second thing is that while all other settings for the widget are available in the Clock app, weather is located elsewhere.

chronos clock widget cm 10.1settings

Add or Change Weather in Chronos

To change the weather, go in to the system settings. To do this, press the menu button from the home screen and go into “System settings.” Then from the settings menu tap the System button underneath the Interface options.

system settingssystem

Now within the system menu is the Clock widget button. Tap that, and then open the Weather panel.

clock widgetweather panel

In the weather panel, check the Display Weather box. That’s all it takes really, weather should now show up on the widget. But, if you want to disable Google location services/awareness then you’ll need to additionally set a “Use custom location.” Without a custom location, you will have to have location services enabled in order to receive weather information. I opted for a custom location because I feel that Google doesn’t need to know my whereabouts 24/7.

display weathercustom location

Unfortunately, the weather info won’t show up on the immediate lock screen. However, from the lock screen you can tap the time to expand the clock and show the information below it. It’s not a huge inconvenience, but it does require an extra click that wouldn’t be necessary with an interface adjustment from the developers.

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