Customize the Schedule of Windows 8 Updates

Windows 8 Update Center Settings

By default Windows 8 updates automatically, and turns on the computer to do it. But you can easily change this behavior in Windows’ Action Center.

Windows 8 can automatically check for updates, even if the computer is turned off. By default this happens every night at 3:00am. But you can easily change the schedule and disable having your computer automatically powered on. Here’s how.

From the Windows 8 Start Menu or search (Ctrl + W) type: automatic maintenance and then click the link from the Settings results.

auto maintenance

The Action Center for Automatic Maintenance will open up. In this screen, the update schedule can be set to a different time. There’s also a checkbox you can uncheck so your system doesn’t power on to update. .

update schedule

Once set to the desired time, click OK to save changes and exit.

click OK to save



  1. rose williams

    I don’t want auto update downloads. it will use my gb

  2. Rob

    Not sure what windows 8 you’re running I’m running 8.1(hate it I want XP back) . I typed as you stated and I got “search found no results”
    The best I can do is set maintenance at ….

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