How to Change the Windows 11 Widgets Language

If you want a different language in the Windows 11 widgets section but not on your entire system, you can change it. This guide explains how.

The widgets feature on Windows 11 brings up various information, including weather, current events, recent photos, and other items. You can launch it by hovering your mouse over the weather button in the lower-right corner.

The widgets will display in the primary language of your system. For example, if your system is set to English, the content will displays in English. Or if the system is set to Spanish, widgets display in Spanish, and so on.

However, if you want, you can only make the widgets display in a different language without affecting the system. We’ll explain how to change the Windows 11 widgets language below.

How to Change the Windows 11 Widgets Language

If you’re bilingual or learning a new language, changing the language of the widgets and panel can be beneficial. You can read the news and weather differently and improve your skills.

To change the Windows 11 widgets language:

  1. Hover the mouse pointer over the weather icon on the right corner of the taskbar to launch the widgets panel.Change the Windows 11 Widgets Language
  2. Click the account profile picture in the top-right corner of the widgets panel.Change the Windows 11 Widgets Language
  3. When the widgets settings screen appears, click the Manage interests link under the Personalized feed section.Change the Windows 11 Widgets Language
  4. Your browser will open to the widget’s settings page.
  5. Click the Experience Settings link at the top of the page.Change the Windows 11 Widgets Language
  6. Select the Language & content settings from the list on the left and choose the language you want to use for widgets from the Language & content drop-down menu.Change the Windows 11 Widgets Language
  7. The web page you’re on will refresh, and you’ll see the content changes to the language you
  8. To complete the process, restart Windows 11, launch the widgets panel, and you’ll see the language on it has changed. So, for example, here we changed it to Español.panel

Changing Language on Windows and More

If you prefer to have the Windows 11 widgets appear in a different language but keep your system language, the steps above will make that happen. Unfortunately, not everyone is a fan of widgets, but the good news is you can disable widgets on Windows 11.

And when it comes to changing language, you can change the system language on Windows 11. Not on Windows 11 yet? No worries. You can change the language on Windows 10.

You might also be interested in changing the language on Netflix or changing the language on Amazon. And, if you love social media, change languages on Facebook.

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