How-To Change the OWA 2010 Theme and Color

A few weeks back our Corporate email server at work was upgraded to Exchange 2010.  One of my favorite things about the upgrade is a new feature packed Outlook Web App or OWA client. In later groovyPosts I’ll review my favorite new features in OWA 2010 however today I’ll be reviewing the steps to change the look of the client by applying one of the new default themes shipped with Exchange 2010.

Customize Outlook Web App OWA Theme Exchange 2010

First, login to OWA and click the Options tab on the top right of the web client.

Exchange 2010 OWA Options

Click a Theme icon to change your OWA look.

Exchange 2010 OWA Theme Options

If your Exchange admin enabled all the default themes (or installed new custom themes) use the arrows to scroll through the entire list.

Exchange 2010 OWA Theme Arrow Scroll

If you click on a theme it will be applied to all the screens in the OWA client.


Exchange 2010 OWA Theme Before


Exchange 2010 OWA Theme After

It’s amazing how changing even simple things like color can make a big difference when it comes to the job.  Do you have an OWA tip?  Email it to me at

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