How to Change Group Name on WhatsApp

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Do you need to change the name of your WhatsApp chat group? Learn how in this guide.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. It makes communicating one-to-one simple to do, but it’s also perfect for chatting with multiple people in a chat group. Chat groups on WhatsApp are a great way to keep up with a group of friends or colleagues, with every participant able to see all the messages and reply whenever they wish.

Sometimes, however, the dynamics of your group may change. If they do, you may want to change the WhatsApp group chat name to reflect that. If your WhatsApp chat has a name that could do with refreshing, then learn how to change the group name on WhatsApp below.

Why Change a Group Name on WhatsApp?

There are many reasons why you might want to change the name of a group chat on WhatsApp. The purpose of the group may have changed. For example, the original purpose of the group may have been to plan a surprise party for a friend. Now the party has taken place, the group name is no longer applicable. You may still want to keep the group, however, so changing the name makes sense.

The membership of your group may also change if you add or remove members of the group. In this case, you may want to change the name of the group to be more reflective of the current members.

You might also have multiple group chats that have similar names. If this is the case, it can be difficult to remember which group is which. Giving all of your group chats different names ensures that you don’t accidentally send a message to the wrong group.

How Long Can a WhatsApp Group Name Be?

You can have up to 100 characters in your WhatsApp group name. You can use letters, numbers, and even emojis in your WhatsApp group name.

There used to be a limit of just 25 characters, but this was changed in early 2023 when the limit was expanded. This gives you plenty of scope to be creative and to use the name that you want.

How to Change Group Name on WhatsApp

Changing a group name in the WhatsApp mobile app is fairly simple to do, although it’s not immediately obvious how to do so.

To change a group name in the WhatsApp app:

  1. Open the WhatsApp group chat that you want to rename.
  2. Tap the name of the group at the top of the screen.
    whatsapp group name
  3. In the top right corner of the screen, tap the three-dot menu icon on Android or Edit on iOS.
    whatsapp group edit
  4. On Android, select Group Info.
  5. Change the name of the group. You can delete and replace it completely or edit the text that is already there.
    whatsapp edited group name
  6. When you’re happy with the new name, tap OK on Android or Done on iOS.
    whatsapp done
  7. The group name is now changed for all group members.

How to Change a WhatsApp Group Name on a PC or Mac

You can also change the name of a group on WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop if you prefer typing on a physical keyboard rather than your phone. The steps are similar but slightly different than on mobile.

To change a WhatsApp group name on a PC or Mac:

  1. Open the group chat that you want to rename in the WhatsApp web client.
  2. Press the three-dot menu icon.
    whatsapp web three dots
  3. Select Group Info.
    whatsapp web group info
  4. Click the Pencil icon next to the group name.
    whatsapp web edit
  5. Edit the name of the group.
    whatsapp web new name
  6. You can add emojis by clicking the Emoji icon.
    whatsapp web emoji icon
  7. When you’re done, click the Check Mark.
    whatsapp web check mark
  8. Your group name is now changed.

Changing Your WhatsApp Group Chat Settings

Learning how to change group name on WhatsApp will keep your group chats relevant, even when the purpose (or people) within it change. It’s simple to do, and you can change the name as many times as you wish.

There are plenty of other useful tips and tricks that can make your WhatsApp experience even better. For instance, a great feature is the ability to send instant video messages on WhatsApp, if you need to get across a lot of information quickly. Being able to send an instant video message can make it easier to get across your point than you can with a standard audio message.

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