How to Cancel Your Windows 10 Upgrade Reservation

Windows 10 will be released next month and you can reserve your upgrade now. But what if you change your mind? Here how to cancel the upgrade reservation.

Update: Windows 7 is no longer supported. It’s not clear if this method still works for getting Windows 10, but currently, you should still be able to upgrade to Windows 10 for free if you have a valid Windows 7 license.

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Windows 10 will be arriving next month, and you might have made your reservation in haste without thinking about what the upgrade will mean to your computer. But the Microsoft FAQ page says the same tool you used to reserve allows you to cancel the upgrade reservation, too.

Cancel Windows 10 Upgrade Reservation

Right-click the Windows 10 upgrade icon on your system tray and select Check your upgrade status.

Next, you will see the message about your upgrade reservation being successful. From here, click the hamburger menu in the upper left corner. In the list under Getting the upgrade, click View confirmation.

The next screen will tell you that your upgrade is reserved, but click the small Cancel reservation hyperlink to cancel it.

Microsoft wants you to verify the cancellation, and if you’re sure you want to cancel, click the Cancel reservation button.

Cancel Windows 10

If you end up changing your mind again later, before the July 29th release date and decide that you do indeed want to reserve your Windows 10 upgrade, you can go back through the wizard and set it up again.

It’s also worth mentioning that you can use the same Windows 10 upgrade tool to check if your PC can run Windows 10.

For more on what Windows 10 will mean to you, check out our article: Your Windows 10 Questions Answered. Or, for a more in-depth conversation about all things about the new OS, check out the Windows 10 Forums.



  1. Ian


    I hastily selected the upgrade but the Windows logo has now disappeared from the system tray. Any suggestions please of where it might be hiding?

    • mamie maddrey

      would like window 10 cancel don,t like setup

    • Janice Vogelsang

      I hastily chose this new program so I would really like to go back to my original programs…show me how..also I am not a computer geek!

    • Josephine Clements

      I wish to cancel my windows 1o upgrade

  2. Albrando

    i want to ask you if you upgrade it to windows 10, will all the apps just gone ? or you need to install it again ? thanks

    • tt123trouble

      which apps are you talking about?

  3. ismay luckey

    I am still waiting for a reply to my request of this morning regarding cancellation sometime ago and this was acknowledged by you and said it had been cancelled. Why did I get an email today saying I had reserved windows 19?

    • Melvin Paoli

      How do I cancel windows 10 and go back to windows 7

  4. ismay luckey

    sorry it should have been windows 10 not 19

  5. dimitris

    plz respind i am pressing check ur upgrade status on the win 10 upp to remove the reservation but the window just says wait for 2-3 min or so what to do and by not reserving do i get the oportunity to free downloading win 10 at any part of the year?

    • philura malewski

      your windows 10 has ruined my computer theprinter wont print games wont play it is just a dudd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. carolyn ward

    cancel windows 10

    • Mrs M Collins

      I wish to cancel wndows 10 instalation and have not yet received confirmation that this will be so.

  7. wheelsey_4

    I think that the “Windows 10 Update” can be unchecked (checkbox cleared) inside of the Windows Update utility, right? Or am I wrong?

  8. jeanne gibson

    I clicked keep my reservation, but actually want to cancel it, but can’t find an option to do so, I have NOT received the actual upgrade yet, just acknowledged that it’s coming and I wanted it. but now I don’t. What do I do next ?

    • elizabeth morris

      cancel my reservation to upgrade to 10

  9. shavy

    Thank you, absolutely worked

  10. jkattich

    can windows 10 be cancelled or removed once it’s been downloaded?

  11. Calisson

    Thanks for these instructions! All done, and relieved to be so.

    One comment:

    It would be helpful for the uninitiated to explain what a “hamburger menu” is. I looked it up, but it would be easy enough for you to write “From here, click the hamburger menu (the three parallel horizontal lines) at the upper left corner.”

  12. mrs watts

    I am desperately trying to get back to windows 7, but at 81 yrs of age am finding everything totally confusing. PLEASE put me back to something I can manage. for example why can I not log in,because u refuse to accept the password I have always used.

  13. Alfred Di Franco

    Get it off my computer now Microsoft 10

  14. raeburn mattingly

    please remove windows 10 thnk you

  15. Betty D

    I do not want to update to WIndows 10. please cancel -It keeps bugging me to upgrade!!!

  16. Mrs M Collins

    I keep being bugged with dates/times for windows 10 to be installed. I DO NOT WANT WINDOWS 10 and wish to CANCEL ALL SUGGESTED DATES ETC FOR PROPOSED INSTALLATION. I REPEAT, I DO NOT WANT WINDOWS 10. HOW DO I CANCEL THE RESERVATION ?????

  17. FlowerLady

    Thanks SO much for the info. I didn’t like Windows 10 at all!

  18. Maarku Rox

    I’ve had the Windows 10 upgrade reserved for a while now but before I upgraded I bought a new computer that came with Windows 10 and although I haven’t found any real issues with it (yet!) I realised I’m not ready to upgrade my old computer, I still need Windows 7 in my life. thanks for info, it’s a big help.

  19. adrienne ament

    I want to CANCEL Windows 10 It has messed up my computer

  20. Adam

    Is there any way to cancel a scheduled install of Windows 10

  21. Lawrence


  22. Penny De Mottt

    Please cancel Windows 10. This tech non savvy person couldn’t access the things I wanted.

  23. larry bell

    i want to cancel windows 10, i did not ask for it and took over and installed itself

  24. zachary reed

    hey im a major gamer and am currently running windows 7 rn and like it my computer is already becoming uncompatible with csgo and and no longer compatible with all the games i used to play i can only run csgo and league now and with windows 10 i could no longer run even csgo its to hard on my computer and i cant afford upgrades right now, i got a prompt to update but it leaves me with no option to opt out of it and this is getting ridiculous my friend had a forced windows 10 update while on vacation and he is pissed. another friend cannot run a few korean games on his PC setup anymore becuse of server block from windows 10 does anyone know how to manually block or prevent windows 10 from downloading? I got to much end of school year work to do to even try and fix this right now so any help would be much appreciated thank you.

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