Can My Windows 10 or 8.1 Computer Run Hyper-V?


Hyper-V technology in Windows 8 Pro lets you create and manage virtual machines. To use it, your system’s CPU needs SLAT virtualization technology.

Intel Processor Identification Utility

Another option for users who have an Intel Processor is a free tool from Intel called the Intel Processor Identification Utility. Just like Coreinfo, it will tell you if your CPU supports SLAT or not. It’s also handy since it supports several languages other than English.

Intel Processor Identification Utility

Installation is straightforward. Just follow the install wizard, then accept the EULA.


The utility will run and check out your system. Click the CPU Technologies tab at the top. If your processor supports SLAT, it will display Yes next to Intel VT-x with Extended Page Tables.
Intel Processor CPU Tech
If you want to create and manage virtual machines on your Windows 8 system, you’ll want to determine if it supports SLAT and Hyper-V technology. Remember, just because your system can run XP Mode in Windows 7, it may not support Hyper-V in Windows 8.

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  1. Steve Krause

    Awesome read Brian and a MUST read for anyone playing with Windows 8 and looking to run a few virtual machines.

  2. Brian

    Agreed. IT will need to do a heck of an upgrade on systems if they want to use it on a lot of machines.

    • Steve Krause

      How many systems in your home lab support SLAT @disqus_8H4zdmnIVx:disqus ? :)

      • Brian

        Only one…

        • Steve Krause

          Yeah same…. And unfortunately its not my test box!!! Grrr

  3. Hardpoint IT

    Very nice article. Encouraging to try both Windows 8 and Hyper-v.

  4. Rich

    Why does the Intel PIU tell me the CPU will handle Virtualization and Coreinfo tell me NO?

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