How to Block No Caller ID on iPhone

Blocking no caller ID calls on an iPhone

Sick of nuisance calls filtering through to your iPhone? Learn how to block No Caller ID calls on an iPhone with these effective methods.

Most of us carry our phones with us wherever we go, but there are some downsides. Having your phone with you means it can be hard to escape unwanted calls. Nuisance callers will often block their number in the hopes that you’ll pick up out of curiosity. No caller ID calls are rarely from anyone we want to speak to, however. The good news is that it’s possible to stop these calls from getting through. If you want to know how to block calls with no caller ID on an iPhone, follow our guide below.

How to Block No Caller ID on an iPhone

The best way to stop calls from callers with no caller ID on an iPhone is to silence them. Calls are redirected to voicemail, so if a call is urgent, people will still be able to leave you a message.

This is an excellent way to ensure that you’re not disturbed by unknown calls, but it still allows you to see if you’ve had any calls without a caller ID. To silence unknown callers and block calls with no caller ID on your iPhone, follow these steps.

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Phone.
    phone settings on iphone
  3. Scroll down again and tap on Silence Unknown Callers. silence unknown callers iphone
  4. Toggle the switch to activate the Silence Unknown Callers feature.
    turn on silence unknown callers iphone

Calls from unknown callers will go straight to voicemail, but will still appear in your recent calls list. This includes both no caller ID numbers and numbers that do have a caller ID but aren’t in your contacts.

Numbers that you’ve recently called will still come through, however, even if they’re not in your contacts.

How to Stop No Caller ID Calls on iPhone Using Do Not Disturb Mode

Another way to stop no caller ID on iPhone is to make use of the Do Not Disturb mode. This allows you to ensure that when this mode is turned on, the only calls that you will receive are from people in your contacts.

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Focus. select focus on iphone
  3. Select a focus from the list, or tap on the plus icon to create a new one.
    select focus on iphone
  4. Tap on People under Allowed Notifications.
    select contacts on iphone
  5. Tap on Calls From.
    allows calls from iphone
  6. Select All Contacts.
    allow all contacts iphone
  7. To turn on these settings, swipe down from the top right-hand corner of your phone to access the control panel.
  8. Tap on Focus.turn on focus iphone
  9. Tap on the focus that you just set up. block no caller id personal focus

The only calls that you will receive now will be from people in your contacts list.

Using a Fake No Caller ID Contact on an iPhone

If you look elsewhere on the internet, you may find some suggestions for setting up a contact called “No Caller ID” with a phone number made up of zeros.  The theory is that by blocking this specific contact, it will also block genuine no caller ID calls.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t really work. No caller ID calls will often still come through as normal with this method. If you want to stop no caller ID calls, follow the steps we’ve outlined above instead.

Stay Protected from Nuisance Calls

If you’re sick of nuisance calls, the steps above should help you to silence and stop no caller ID calls on an iPhone. It won’t stop all nuisance calls, however—some malicious calls will come from numbers with caller ID turned on.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Heather

    August 11, 2023 at 8:19 am

    The third method (block no caller ID contact) worked perfectly! The only difference is how I set it up. I copy/paste No Caller ID for the phone number, created custom label for the phone number saying “No Caller ID” and put No Caller ID for the first name. It’s working for me. ‍♀️

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