How to Block Royal Baby News on Facebook and Twitter (And other things you don’t care about)

Are you sick of seeing annoying posts about the “royal baby” or other topics on Facebook and Twitter? Here’s a handy extension for Chrome that will block it.

Okay, I have had it with all of the “Royal baby news” showing up all over my Twitter and Facebook streams. I mean, come on, I live in the U.S. why do I care? Babies are born everyday, the one I will be worried about is my own — if I ever have kids — but I digress. After seeing so much crap about this baby online, I decided to do something about it. I found a great extension for Chrome that allows me to block news I don’t care about.

Do You want to block out news that you don’t care about too? Here’s how with an extension called UnWhateverMe.

Block Unwanted Topics on Facebook and Twitter

Launch Chrome and install the extension.¬†There are Un-extensions for most major topics or subjects out there, but the UnWhatever extension lets you type in what you don’t want to read about in a black list.

block news_1

After it’s installed you’ll be brought to The BlackList. Here you can type in all of the things you could care less about or are annoyed by on Facebook or Twitter. Go nuts and add whatever topic that irritates you when you constantly see it on your social feeds.

Also, notice the Replacement Content section. Here its set to show tabbycat picture feeds from Instagram, but you can change it to whatever you want. Especially, since I put “cats” on my list, I don’t want to see an image of a cat.


That’s it. Those words will be blocked from your Facebook and Twitter feed. Save those changes, and you won’t have to read about that stuff on your social networks. For instance, I changed my Instagram feed to include images of guitars and home recording software. Then, here on Twitter, where there was a lame article from Yahoo on “what to name that baby” I got to see a cool home recording set up instead.

Twitter Topic Replaced

You can undo the change if for some reason you want to see the content that annoys you, but I guess I don’t know why you would.

Credit: Huffington Post



  1. SueJ  

    This is brilliant!! Thank you! :-)

    • Yep. Not too bad huh? Nice to be able to block stuff you have no interest in at all with shots of something you do care about.

  2. Hal  

    Great! I’d like to do this with CNN and yet get the real news. Regretfully, we have not yet evolved to that as yet. Thanks for the good info.

  3. Cheryl  

    What handles this process for IE and FoxFire users please?

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