Best Siri Shortcuts for Photography: Improve and Share Your Collection

Here are the best Siri Shortcuts for photography. They will help you clean up your collection, share more easily, and more.

Our latest look at Siri Shortcuts focuses on photography and how the versatile software tool can make it easier to find, edit, and learn more about the images on the iPhone or iPad. Launched in 2018 with iOS 12, Siri Shortcuts let you perform everyday tasks with your voice, a simple tap, or automatically at a specific time or arrival at a location. Here are the best Siri Shortcuts for photography.

Siri Shortcuts: An Overview

Each Shortcut includes a specific task or multiple actions that are combined into one job. Not all Shortcuts are designed to work with a voice or finger tap. Instead, these shortcuts start automatically based on location, time of day, or other circumstances.

Using Shortcuts

Some Shortcuts run best as a widget, which you activate directly through the app or from your device’s notifications. Others are ideally suited for use on Apple Watch. To use a Shortcut using your voice, you’ll be asked during the install process to record a phase. Moving forward, you activate the Shortcut by saying, “Hey Siri,” followed by the phrase.

Most Shortcuts are found directly in the Gallery section of the Shortcuts app. You can also install Shortcuts by tapping a provided link from a supported device.  Once establishing a Shortcut, it becomes accessible across all of your supported devices.

You’ll find links for every recommended Shortcut below. Tap “Get Shortcut” for the ones you want to get started, then tap “Add Shortcut” or “Add Untrusted Shortcut,” depending on whether the Shortcut was created by a third-party.

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Best Siri Shortcuts for Photography

The following Shortcuts automate your existing photo library in ways big and small.  Click the links on your iPhone or iPad only; they won’t work from a computer.

Learn More About Your Photos

  • Where Was This Taken?: The Photos app does a great job of sorting images by date. But finding the location of the image is a more time-consuming process. Use the Shortcut to quickly find the location. You can use this tool as a standalone Shortcut or from the share in other apps. Naturally, this won’t work on images with no location information. This is also one of our 10 Siri Shortcuts you must begin to use right now!
  • Time Machine: What were you doing 365 days ago? With this Shortcut, you can see a list of photos and videos taken with your device one year ago.

Time to Clean Up

Siri Shortcuts for Photography Clean up screenshots

How many photos do you take each year? Do you delete the ones you don’t like? Probably not. The following Shortcuts allow you to remove clutter in the Photos app more easily.

  • Clear Out Photos: With a few simple taps, you can choose which photos to preview in your library, then delete the ones you no longer want.
  • Clean Up Screenshots: Similar, this Shortcut focuses on screenshots. Just click on the images you wish to delete and follow the on-screen directions.

Sharing Is Caring

You spent a lot of time creating your photos library. With these Shortcuts, you can share the love with others.

Odds and ends

These Shortcuts automatically adjust your photos or videos into different files or serve other purposes relating to image files.

Siri Shortcuts for Photography Burst to GIF

  • Convert Burst to GIF: The frames of Burst photos are changed to an animated GIF with this Shortcut. From there, you can save or share the newly created file.
  • Hands-Free Picture Taking: When added, Siri will take a picture whenever you say the simple words, “Say Cheese!”
  • Search GIPHY and Share: Find the perfect animated GIFs on the popular GIPHY site and share.
  • Make a Live GIF: With this third-party Shortcut, you take a series of photographs, which Siri uses to create a living and breathing masterpiece!

Best Siri Shortcuts for Photography: Going Beyond

Thanks to the Shortcut app on iPhone and iPad, you can automatic you live with ease. When you’re ready to move beyond photography, check out our recommended shortcuts for Spotify. You can also learn how to change your device’s icons using the app. Siri Shortcuts are currently available on iPhone and iPad only.

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