61 Best Keyboard Shortcuts for Excel Online


If you use Excel online, these keyboard shortcuts for the most common tasks will have you working faster and easier than ever.

If you’re a fan of keyboard shortcuts, using them to get things done in Excel for the web means you can work faster. From entering data and formatting cells to moving around a spreadsheet and selecting columns, rows, and objects, we’ve compiled a list of 61 of the best Excel online keyboard shortcuts for you to use.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Entering Data

With these keyboard shortcuts, you can complete your data entry and move to the next location in your sheet.

Add data and move to the cell belowEnter
Add data and move to the cell aboveShift + Enter
Enter data and move to the next cell in the rowTab
Enter data and move to the previous cell in the rowShift + Tab
Cancel entering dataEsc

Keyboard Shortcuts for Editing Data

When you need to edit the data you’ve entered, you can select, insert, and copy data easily using these shortcuts.

CutCtrl + X
CopyCtrl + C
PasteCtrl + V
UndoCtrl + Z
RedoCtrl + Y
Edit the cellF2
Clear the cellDelete
Clear and then edit the cellBackspace
Select to the right by characterShift + Right arrow key
Select to the left by characterShift + Left arrow key
Select to the beginning of the cellShift + Home
Select to the end of the cellShift + End
Insert the current dateCtrl + Semicolon (;)
Insert the current timeCtrl + Shift + Semicolon (;)
Insert a linkCtrl + K
Insert a tableCtrl + L
Insert a functionShift + F3
Insert a chartAlt + F1
Copy the formula from aboveCtrl + Apostrophe (‘)
Copy the value from aboveCtrl + Shift + Apostrophe (‘)

Keyboard Shortcuts for Formatting Cells

Using the following shortcuts, you can format the data inside your cells from bold or italic to a currency or percentage.

BoldCtrl + B
ItalicCtrl + I
UnderlineCtrl + U
Paste formattingShift + Ctrl + V
Apply number formattingCtrl + Shift + 1
Apply time formattingCtrl + Shift + 2
Apply date formattingCtrl + Shift + 3
Apply currency formattingCtrl + Shift + 4
Apply percent formattingCtrl + Shift + 5

Keyboard Shortcuts for Cells, Columns, and Rows

With these shortcuts, you can select, insert, delete, hide, and unhide cells, columns, and rows.

Select a cell rangeShift + Arrow keys
Select a columnCtrl + Space
Select a rowShift + Space
Insert a cell, column, or rowCtrl + Plus sign (+)
Delete a cell, column, or rowCtrl + Minus sign (-)
Hide a columnCtrl + 0
Unhide a columnCtrl + Shift + 0
Hide a rowCtrl + 9
Unhide a rowCtrl + Shift + 9

Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigating a Sheet

Move around within a sheet or go to the next or previous one with a few simple key presses using the following commands.

Go to a certain cellCtrl + G
Move up one cellShift + Enter or Up arrow
Move down one cellEnter or Down arrow
Move right one cellTab or Right arrow
Move to the beginning of the rowHome
Move up one screenPage Up
Move down one screenPage Down
Move between the ribbon and the sheetCtrl + F6
Move to a different ribbon tabTab and Enter to go to the ribbon for that tab
Insert a new sheetShift + F11
Move to the next sheetAlt + Ctrl + Page Down
Move to the previous sheetAlt + Ctrl + Page Up

Miscellaneous Keyboard Shortcuts in Excel Online

These additional shortcuts for Excel online can help you open or close a workbook, as well as search through and find what you need.

Open a workbookCtrl + O
Close a workbookCtrl + W
Save AsAlt + F2
FindCtrl + F
PrintCtrl + P

Shortcuts for Common Tasks in Excel Online

This list of keyboard shortcuts for Excel online should help you perform the most common tasks. To see even more shortcuts while you work, go to Help > Keyboard Shortcuts in your workbook.

Help, Keyboard Shortcuts Excel online

For more, take a look at these keyboard shortcuts that work across all browsers, or give these new Windows 11 shortcuts a try.

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