Automatically Upload and Share Screenshots with Dropbox

Dropbox was updated recently and it now allows you to automatically upload and share screenshots from your Mac or PC. Here’s a look at how it works.

Dropbox recently updated its version to 2.4.0 and one of the new features is the ability to automatically upload screenshots. This feature will come in handy for bloggers, tech support, and anyone who needs to share a screen grab of your computer quickly.

To start, make sure to download and install the latest version of Dropbox, which at the time of this writing is 2.4.1.

Dropbox Version Screenshot Added

Upload and Share Screenshots with Dropbox

After installation and setting it up, hit the PrtScn button on Windows or Command+Shift+3 on Mac you’ll see the following dialog box. Confirm you want to enable the feature.

Share Screenshots

Then when you go to your Dropbox account online, you’ll see a new Screenshots folder has been added.

screenshots folder Dropbox

Of course there will be a Screenshots folder in your local Dropbox folder too.

screenshots folder Local

You can share screenshots by clicking the Dropbox icon in the system tray. Or, use the keyboard combination Ctrl+PrntScn while taking the shot and a link to the screenshot will automatically be added to the Clipboard.


If you want to disable auto uploading for any reason, just go in to Preferences and uncheck “Share screenshots using Dropbox” under the Import tab. You can also disable the automatic photo uploading feature in Preferences too.

Import Options

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