Automatically Post Updates to Google+ Using RSS Feeds

Many people recognize HootSuite as a social media dashboard, but is that all it can do? Follow along as we look at HootSuite’s feature for automatic posting on Google+ and other social networks.

Note: Google has discontinued Google+. It no longer exists. HootSuite can still be used for other corporate social networks.

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Google+, despite what Facebook might want you to think, is a thriving social network and a good channel to gain followers for your website. Promoting articles as social media definitely helps web admins gain exposure and popularity. But sharing them on different social networks can be a time-consuming task as you have to repeat the same process for each network. To simplify this, many services allow users to post updates on Google+ and other social networks automatically; one of them is HootSuite.

Many people recognize this as a social media dashboard, but it’s more than that. One feature of HootSuite is automatic posting on different social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more. Here’s how you can schedule posts automatically on Google+ and other social networks.

To get started, go to HootSuite, make a free account, and connect your Google+ account. After logging in, click on your profile icon and select Add Social Network. Do note that in the case of Google+, it only allows users to add pages, not individual accounts.

Automatic Google Plus Posts 1

Select Google+ and click on Connect with Google+ to authenticate the application.

Automatic Google Plus Posts 2

After adding the accounts, click on the Account tab on top and go to Preferences from the right sidebar.

Automatic Google Plus Posts 3

Click on RSS/Atom and click on the “+” icon.

Automatic Google Plus Posts 4

In the Add Feed window, paste the feed URL and select the account you want to post. You can also set the time at which you want the application to check for updates and the number of posts to update at a time. Finally, click on Save Feed when done.

Automatic Google Plus Posts 5

Note: I showed my Twitter account as I don’t have a business page to update on Google+.

Now, the application will automatically post updates to Google+ or any selected social network. Under a free HootSuite plan, you can add up to 5 accounts, and it allows you to update RSS feeds automatically to all the popular social networking sites.

Do you have a social media hub that you prefer? Let us know in the comments!




    oh thank groovy…very useful tips for google plus….

  2. Paul

    Brill, thanks so much. I think maybe HootSuite offers more than RSS Graffiti at the moment

  3. David Revis

    But you cant post pictures in RSS feeds with Hootsuite, which is essential for me. Are there any other options at this time?

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