Automatically Enable/Disable Extensions on Specific Websites [Chrome]

A lot of Google Chrome users have several extensions installed on their browsers. But there might be times when you don’t want certain extensions to work on specific websites. With the Automation extension, you can automatically enable or disable extensions for specific websites without any hassle.

Update: This Extension No Longer Works

This extension for Chrome is no longer valid and doesn’t work with the browser.

If you want to disable extensions on certain sites you can disable them manually.

Just go to Chrome Web Store and install the Extension Automation for Google Chrome. For the extension to work properly, you need to let it access installed extensions, apps and themes.

Extension Automation 2

Once installed, click its icon and select what you want to do with any extension. For example, if you want to disable Adblock on specific website, just select disable from the dropdown menu, select the extension you want to disable and enter the URL of the website on which you want to disable the extension. Similarly, you can add multiple extensions to the list so that it can automatically disable them on specific sites.

Extension Automation 4

To view the list of extensions you have filtered, go to extension settings by right clicking on its icon and select Options. It will show you which addons are filtered and on which websites.

Extension Automation 5

You may find it hectic to add extensions and websites to filter list but its only a one time task. After that, it will do all the work. In my opinion, Extension Automation is a handy for managing your extensions in Google Chrome. This also reduces clutter and prevents unnecessary extensions from running in the background — improving your browser’s performance.

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