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Steve Krause, a Seattle native, is the Founder and CEO of His fascination with technology began in the early 80's when he and his Brother purchased their first computer, the Commodore 64 followed by the Amiga 1000. Over the years, this early passion evolved into a career spanning more than three decades, leading him to roles as an engineer and tech executive for companies such as US West Communication, PACCAR, Microsoft, and Getty Images.

Steve founded groovyPost in 2007, driven by a vision to create a platform that balances informative, helpful, human-generated content with an easy-to-navigate interface that wasn't clogged with a million ads. Since its inception, groovyPost has expanded to include a diverse team of experts and has published thousands of accurate, authoritative tutorials, reviews and tech news.

Under Steve's leadership, groovyPost has achieved significant milestones, reaching over 40 million annual visitors and growing into one of the largest independent technology publications online. It's a testament not just to the team's commitment but also to the trust and engagement of our loyal readers.

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