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Google Instant Previews

Try Google Instant Previews Now

Google’s all about the instant these days. Hot on the heels of Google Instant search is a new feature called Google Instant Previews. Google Instant Previews places a little magnifying lens next to each of your search results. When you click it, it pulls up a thumbnail of the website. Not only that, it even […]

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Microsoft Office Labs Speed Launch

Microsoft Office Labs Speed Launch Review: Super Fast Shortcuts and Custom Searches

Desktop shortcuts are great. The Quick Launch bar is better. But for truly lightning fast shortcuts and functions, you’ll need to think outside of the “out-of-the-box” Windows 7 installation. Office Labs has been working on something they’re calling Speed Launch which lets you fire off applications, run web searches or pull up frequently used documents […]

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Camtasia Studio 7 Review

Camtasia Studio 7 Review and Screenshot Tour

Camtasia Studio 7 is TechSmith’s easy-to-use, yet stunningly powerful and full-featured screencasting / software demo authoring suite—and I have to say, it’s incredibly groovy. I remember reading a prescient quote from Metallica frontman James Hetfield back in the 90s; he said something along the lines of “Don’t get a Metallica tattoo—we might suck tomorrow.” That […]

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Google Settles Privacy Lawsuit Over Google Buzz with…You!

Good news, everyone*! Remember back in February 2010, when that Orwellian Internet search/cloud computer/advertising tech giant automatically signed us up for its newfangled social media platform, Google Buzz? And remember how mad we were when Google automatically added everyone that you’ve ever emailed with any frequency to your contacts list, thereby revealing your sordid Gmail […]

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How-to Sync Hotmail Emails, Contacts and Calendars with your iPhone using ActiveSync (with Push!)

In a blog post in August, the Windows Live Team announced that Hotmail now supports push notifications for Emails, Contacts and Calendars. That’s great news for iPhone users who want to get their email and appointment notifications as soon as they arrive in their inbox or calendar. Using Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), you can set your […]

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