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Awesome Screenshot: Capture and Annotate for Google Chrome and Safari

And the winner of most self-explanatory and most accurately self-reviewed Google Chrome Extension title goes to: Awesome Screenshot: Capture and Annotate. This lightweight little Google Chrome extension (also available for Safari and coming soon to Firefox) does and is everything that it says. It lets you take screenshots of webpages by capturing the visible part […]

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Blogger Stats vs. Google Analytics: A Study in Simplicity

Last month, Google introduced Blogger Stats for all bloggers who use Google’s hosted blogging platform. Blogger Stats first became available for Blogger in Draft (the Gmail Labs equivalent for Blogger), but now the real-time traffic reporting mini-suite has been automatically integrated into all new and existing Blogger blogs. If you haven’t noticed yet, it’s accessible […]

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iPhone and Google How-To Tutorials and News for fring

How to Setup Google Talk with Fring

Fring is pretty groovy. Primarily, it’s a VoIP service for the iPhone that features voice and video calls. But the thing that I personally like about Fring is its ability to pull all of your chat, instant message and social media platforms into one. After all, the vast majority of smartphone users likely spend more […]

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TimeBridge Integrates with Evernote to Help You Keep Tabs on Meetings

There are quite a few online meeting/scheduling/web conferencing solutions on offer on the web, but TimeBridge recently distinguished itself by integrating with the Evernote API. The much ballyhooed partnership announced earlier this year felt a bit more like a plug for TimeBridge than a genuine groundbreaking feature for Evernote users, but after giving it a […]

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Evernote Screenshot Tour and Review

Evernote is one of those programs that I’ve been hearing people talk about for years but have never tried myself. But now as my life is getting more and more hectic, I decided it was time to graduate from my “lists in Notepad” system to something a little bit more robust. After using Evernote for […]

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How-To Live Sync Tutorials

Windows Live Sync Beta 2011 Ultimate Guide and Tour

Things are getting mighty cloudy over at Microsoft—and the addition of Sync to the Windows Live Essentials suite is making life in the clouds easier than ever. The latest version of Windows Live Sync is seriously upping the ante in the world of automated folder syncing and cloud storage. At first glance, it seems that […]

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Windows Live Essentials Beta “Refresh” Released (Installer Now Fixed)

Back in early July Microsoft, released Windows Live Essentials Beta 2011 which included some groovy upgrades over their exiting Live Essentials platform. On Tuesday, Microsoft announced that it had updated Windows Live Essentials 2011 beta to address some of the feedback and suggestions from early adopters. This latest “refresh” of the beta mostly includes performance […]

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