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ISO Recorder

Windows Vista and XP: Burn an ISO Image to Disc

Windows 7 and 8 have Windows Disc Image Burner utility to burn ISOs to disc. If you’re still running Vista or XP you need a third-party utility. My favorite free solution is ISO Recorder. Here’s how to use it. For Windows Vista, download and install ISO Recorder version V3. This free utility, developed by Alexander […]

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Convert DVD to ISO

How To Convert DVDs to an ISO image

Do you have a bunch of DVDs lying around and looking for a quality method to consolidate them? Convert them to an ISO image. Here’s how to do it for free. First put the DVD you want to convert into your computer’s DVD/CD drive. When AutoPlay comes up, just close out of it. If you […]

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Explorer Ribbon

Windows 8: Hide the Windows Explorer Ribbon

One of the new features in Windows 8 desktop user interface is the Ribbon in Windows Explorer (now called File Explorer). If you find no use for it, here’s how you can hide it. Hide Windows 8 File Explorer Ribbon You can minimize or expand the Ribbon in Explorer by clicking the small arrow icon […]

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Speak Text

How To Make Your iOS Device Read to You

If you’re to busy to read through a column, notes or document, a good way to catch up is have your iPhone or iPad read to you. Here’s how to set it up using the Accessibility Options. Make Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch Read to You On your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, navigate […]

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iOS 5 Private Browsing

Apple iOS 5: Enable Safari Private Browsing

If you share an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch with someone else, it’s a good idea to keep your web browsing private. Here’s how to enable Private Browsing in Safari on your Apple devices. When you don’t have Private Browsing enabled in Safari on iOS 5, it keeps a record of your search history, pages […]

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