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Xbox Update Delayed

Microsoft Xbox 360 Update Delayed

The much anticipated Xbox 360 update – slated for release today has been delayed until tonight. Several online sources say Microsoft will be rolling out the upgrade to everyone through the evening and into the night. The new upgrade will feature a Metro Style UI with Tiles. Similar to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 7.5 […]

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Windows Update Icon

Windows 7: Pin Windows Update Icon to the Taskbar

The Taskbar In Windows 7 makes it easy to access your programs. Unfortunately, you can’t drag the Windows Update icon to the Taskbar to pin it. Here’s a work around for pinning the shortcut icon to the Taskbar. Click Start >> All Programs and right-click on Windows Update and drag it to the desktop. When […]

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Canada Theme

Windows 7: Access Hidden International Themes

When you set up Windows 7 and choose your language and region, it gives you the themes for what you pick. Here’s how to access more hidden International Themes on your Windows 7 system. First click on Start and type: C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT into the Search box and hit Enter. In the MCT folder that opens you’ll […]

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Remote Desktop

Speed Up Remote Desktop Connections in Windows 7

If you use Remote Desktop (RDP) to connect to other computers on your network, you’ll want to speed up the process. Here’s how to configure optimal settings for a faster RDP experience. After you have Remote Desktop enabled. Start a new RDP session and click Options. Next, click the Display tab. Slide the Display Configuration […]

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Roku 2 XS and Remote

Roku: Add Hidden Channels to the Lineup

Roku has more channels than most set top boxes. But you can add more. Here’s how to add hidden channels to your Roku box. First you need to find the channel codes. To find new channels join a Roku forum, Yahoo Group or check out an online database of hidden channels. After you have the […]

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Cisco Router

Cisco Linksys Router: How To Upgrade the Firmware

Updating the router’s firmware on your home network is often overlooked. Upgrading the firmware improves performance, stability and wireless range. Because Cisco Linksys are the most common home router, this article shows the process on a  Cisco E4200 wireless router. Remember each router is different, but upgrading the firmware is essentially the same process. Important: […]

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Apple TV menu

Apple TV: How To Set Up Parental Controls

If you have young kids and own an Apple TV, you’ll want to set Parental Controls. This will prevent them from viewing explicit content. From the main menu, go to Settings >> General. Then scroll down and select Parental Controls. Now select Turn on Parental Controls. Next, set a four digit Passcode. This is where […]

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iPhone 4

Apple iOS: Delete an Email Account

If you have an email address you no longer need on your iOS device – Delete it. On your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch navigate to Settings >> Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Under Accounts, tap on the email address you want to delete. The mail settings screen comes up. Tap Delete Account. Verify you want to […]

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Windows 7: How To Set Up Homegroup Sharing

If you get a new Windows 7 computer over the holidays, check out the Homegroup feature. It lets you share files, folders and printers between other Windows 7 systems over your home network. Note: You can only use the homegroup feature on a home network. The Internet connection needs to be set to Home. Click […]

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iPhone 4

How To Customize Spotlight Search Results in iOS

Spotlight in iOS is a great way to find anything on your device. You can customize the way spotlight searches results. Here’s how. Customize iOS Spotlight Search Results On you iDevice, go to Settings >> General then tap Spotlight Search. Now tap and hold the lists button. Move the search categories in the order you […]

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