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Ben Stockton is a technology writer and editor from the United Kingdom with over six years of experience. His insightful how-to guides reach millions of users each month, with featured bylines at How-To Geek, MakeUseOf, Cloudwards, TechRadar, Helpdeskgeek, Movavi, geekRumor, and more. He has also contributed to Computeractive magazine.

One of Ben's earliest memories involves unpacking an old HP Pavilion 3100 running Windows 95, although he was more interested in the bundled copy of SimCity 2000 at the time. He’s followed every Windows release since, and he’s proud to say that he’s never owned a pre-built PC, always preferring to get stuck in and build his own.

Starting his working career as an IT engineer, Ben transitioned into teaching digital IT skills as a college lecturer, teaching everyone from teenagers to seniors. He also taught apprentices working on nuclear projects for the UK Ministry of Defense. He now harnesses this extensive experience to help him as a freelance writer, editor, and SEO researcher to create useful guides for readers across the globe.

Ben has a degree in History and Politics from Aberystwyth University and a postgraduate certificate in Computing from Northumbria University.

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