How to Rename An iPhone or iPod

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How to rename an iPhone or iPod

Groovy Apple Tips, Tricks, Tutorials, Walk-throughs, How-To, Reviews, Downloads, Questions, and AnswersI recently was borrowing an iPod Touch (3rd generation) from a friend and I realized that whenever I connected to the network it was displaying his creative but highly inappropriate device name.  This name had to change!  After looking through all of the settings on the iPod and also on my iPhone I realized that there wasn’t any way to do this from the device itself.  Then it hit me, “iTunes!”

As soon as I got iTunes open, it only took about 20 seconds to find how to change the name of my iPod and iPhone.  Just in case you can’t find it, however, here’s a quick tutorial with groovy screenshots.

How To Rename An iPhone or iPod Using iTunes


1. Open iTunes and go to the Devices section of the sidebar.  Double-Click your current device name (the default for an iPod is “iPod.”)

open iTunes and double click the current name of your device


2. Type your desired new name and then Press Enter.

change the name from the default iPod or iPhone name to your new desired name

3. Wait a few seconds for your iPod to sync and save the new setting.

wait for your iphone or ipod to sync and then you are good to go

That’s all there is to it!  Have a groovy time thinking up creative names for your iPhone or iPod!



  1. shockersh  

    Had no idea you could rename the Iphone hehehe…. yeah, to simpel I missed it.

  2. sam  

    That doesn’t completely rename it though. If you look at the summary page, the name will still be what it was.

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