How-To Show All Album Artwork in iTunes 10

How-To Show All Album Artwork in iTunes 10In one of our previous articles we got you informed on the New Apple Products and the Release of iTunes 10. iTunes 10 brought us a bunch of new features and a great new view which resembles the view in Windows Media Player 12. What is NOT GROOVY, however, is the new view doesn’t show the Album Art on all your albums by default so I personally find it difficult to find what I’m looking for when browsing through the albums.  Today I’ve got a groovyTip for displaying all album art in iTunes 10 which I think most of you will find handy or at the very least, improve the UI a few notches.

How-To Show All Album Artwork in iTunes 10 {Screencast}

How-To Show All Album Artwork in iTunes 10 – Step-by-Step

Step 1 – Switching to the New Album List View

Once in iTunes 10, open up the Music Library and Select the Album List view by Clicking on the Second View Button or pressing Ctrl+Shift+4.


Step 2 – Setting Album Artwork to Always Show

Now click View and select Always Show Artwork.


That’s it! Now you can browse your iTunes library in a bright and colorful way thanks to the album artwork!  If you have a question or suggestion / tips I would love to hear from you in the comments!



  1. neko

    yay, thanks for the post! ^__^
    I was getting annoyed with not being able to see all of my album art

  2. J

    oh… it’s that obvious (blush) was looking for that one quite some time :)

    • MrGroove

      I can’t tell you how many times the salt is sitting in front of me but I don’t see it until my wife points. ;)

  3. SimonS

    Brilliant – after trawling through Itunes help, hundreds of webpages, downloading software, you name it – this is the simple solution. Thanks for posting
    ( I still dont understand why I tunes randomly seems to decide to only show some artwork in default settings though?)

  4. Lizzie

    I have all those options set correctly and still not Album art – any other ideas out there?

    • berniej30

      same with me. still can’t view my artworks…

      • berniej30

        please help….

  5. Chris Piper

    thanks…worked perfectly

  6. fred

    i have the same problem, although its only just happened to me, i tried to do what you said but there isn’t even an option of “Always show art work” in the view tab. what am i meant to do now??

  7. Revy Malone

    Thank goodness! :D Simple and yet it flew right over my head. lol

  8. Speedy Gonsalez

    Thank you so much for your help!!!

  9. Arty

    Is there a way to show *only* albums that have artwork, or sort by whether or not they have artwork?

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