How-To Check Your AT&T iPhone Data Usage History

Groovy AT&T and iPhone How-To Articles, News and TutorialsBy now it’s fairly common knowledge that AT&T just cut their unlimited data plan on the iPhone, iPad, and other smartphones replacing it with a 250Meg or 2GB data limit.  The new plan was official the same day the release of their new data hog iPhone 4.  Interesting. Yeah, it all makes sense if you think about it.

Anyway, if you’re an iPhone user like me who will probably end up grabbing an iPhone 4 you probably want to know how much data you’re using each month on your existing iPhone 3G/3GS. Then you can figure out if you’re going to get screwed once you cut over to a new iPhone 4 or iPad which is limited to a measly 2GB a month.  Fortunately, AT&T has made it pretty simple to figure out how much data you’re using.  Let’s take a look at how you go about it with my customary groovy Screen Shots!


How-To Check Your AT&T iPhone Data Usage History


1. Go to and Click Login

AT&T Wireless User login


2. Click Usage & Recent Activity

AT&T Wireless Usage and Recent Activity Report


3. Click View Past Data Usage

AT&T Wireless View Past Data Usage Report


4. Adjust the report as needed including the Report Type and Billing Start/End Period

AT&T Wireless Data Usage Report Trend Graphs


So at least in my case, my 6-month average is ~ 229 MB a month.  Good news I guess, I’m still long ways away from hitting the 2GB limit on my existing iPhone.  Granted that’s probably because I typically just bounce between WIFI networks at work and home.  No idea how typical my data usage compares to other people???


Do you have an iPhone?  Post your data usage in the comments to compare your usage with other iPhone groovyReaders!  Perhaps you can win the prize for the biggest AT&T Bandwidth Abuser!



  1. shockersh

    June 9, 2010 at 7:19 pm

    LOL now that is funny. Never had any idea this was there. So I got ya beat mrgroove. My 6 month average is 483MB. Not as high as I would have thought….

    • MrGroove

      June 10, 2010 at 5:33 pm

      Yeah, I never thought about it before I looked. Not sure how long it was available but it was handy.

  2. Dawn

    September 14, 2010 at 6:15 am

    I found that data checker/graph when trying to decide where my girlfriend & I can save some money. Even with my iPhone 4, I’ve only made it over 400Mbs once. For extra $5 I’m sticking with unlimited plan. (sure wish I could add iPad to same plan!). Turns out my gf uses her iPhone as a…PHONE! (no, REALLY!). She’s never even hit 100Mbs and the one time she came close (about 92) was 2-3 times higher than her average. Weird thing is, she’s had an iPhone since 3G came out & still has same 8GB model. I just recently (6-7 months ago) turned on her wifi. She had no idea it was free!

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