Artefact’s “Flash in a Pinch” Brings Flash Support To The iPad and iPhone

Groovy NewsJust when you thought the on-going battle between Apple and Adobe was over, Artefactgroup announced a new project that works around Apples “no flash” policy.  It’s still in testing and development but they’ve put some “proof of concept” videos up and it’s looking pretty groovy.

The technology is officially called Artefact Animator and has future possibilities for much more than bringing the much-wanted Flash or Silverlight to Apples mobile devices.  The title “Flash in a pinch” is the name of the web portal that the application uses to transcode Flash based web content into an iOS readable format on the fly.  As mentioned it’s still in development so there isn’t a lot to talk about at this point but, here’s one of their groovy proof of concept videos below.

There’s no Jailbreaking or hacks involved, it’s completely legit.  Flash in a pinch uses a backend server to process all of the Flash content for you.  It then pumps it back to your Apple device in an iOS friendly format.  The only problem right now is that it’s limited by Apple’s crummy WiFi hardware, and bugs in iOS itself.

You can check out the rest of their concept videos as well as the technical details at the Artefact official blog post.

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1 Comment

  1. ipouser

    Use this link for test another implementation of flash and silverlight applications on iDevice

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