Apple iPad 2: Smart Cover Security Vulnerability and How To Avoid It

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Recently a security vulnerability was discovered with the iPad 2 running iOS 5 and fitted with a Smart Cover. A person can access your device using the Smart Cover and a couple of taps to the screen – even if you have a Passcode set.

Here’s how someone bypasses your Passcode to access an open app you were using.

First, open the Smart Cover to reveal the Passcode lock screen.


Then hold down the power button until you see Slide to Power Off. Don’t slide it.


Next, close the Smart Cover and open it again.


Tap Cancel and voila! You’re in without a passcode.


This hack doesn’t grant access to the whole system.  Only the app you were were last using in the foreground. Think if you have email or Facebook for iPad open, it could be quite embarrassing. Not to mention private data being compromised.

Here’s a video from showing how easy the hack is. This hack works with iPad 2 running iOS 5. There have been uncorroborated stories that it affects iPads running iOS 4.3 too.

To avoid getting hacked, go to Settings >> General and switch iPad Cover Lock /Unlock off.

This prevents the Smart Cover from turning iPad 2 on or off. It also takes away the “cool factor” of the Smart Cover, making it a screen protector only.


Apple is aware of the issue. But until it releases a fix, you’ll want to keep iPad Cover/Unlock turned off when your iPad is vulnerable.

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