Apple iOS 5 Mail: Flag Messages as Important or Mark as Unread

Flag Email iOS 5

Being able to flag email as important or mark as unread are features long overdue in iOS Mail. iOS 5 now includes it. Here’s how to use these two new email features.

Open Mail to the Inbox view, find the message(s) you’d like to flag, and tap the  Edit button.


Now tap the message(s) you’d like to flag as important.


Tap the Mark button at the bottom of the screen. A menu comes up with Flag or Mark as Read.


Here I flagged a few messages as important. Once you flag the message, you’ll see a red flag icon next to it on the list. A flag icon will also appear in the body of the message.

To unflag a message or mark it as unread, tap the Mark link inside the body of the message and tap the selection from the menu.


Apple has added new email features like this and text formatting. With each improvement they make to Mail – the more the iPad becomes a better productivity tool. And not eye candy to  play games on.



  1. iUser  

    So… how do I now see ONLY my flagged messages?
    I dont want to scrol, and scroll, and scroll through all my email to look for flagged messages.

  2. Tony  

    Yes I can flag it but still need to scroll through to find that flag again!
    Why no search flag function?

  3. Tom  

    Is this available on iPhone as can only see the make as read option?

  4. Tom Moore  

    Got to be kidding! This should come up in a menu when the message is swiped, as is the case for “Delete”.

  5. Efire1  

    Great. Now if you could find them. :-(

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